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  1. OK Kappa, seems to be a Culture Settings problem. With English-Windows and English-AIDA64 Try this: (1): use from the five Date & Time possibilities only the two I marked yellow ! (2): uncheck "Log started and stoppen processes" Hope this helps ... Tom
  2. Hi Kappa, yes, tool is still supported. I tested Generic Log Viewer with latest AIDA64 Version 6.32.5600: works fine ! Please verify the following Preferences: Hardware Monitoring -> Logging Log sensor readings to CSV log file -> checked System.Date -> cecked System.Time and/or System.UpTime -> checked Regards Tom
  3. New version 5.2 available ! Hi all, I built a version 5.2 with the following new feature: ability to save the current setup ability to load a previous saved setup After loading a logfile, the two new buttons are shown. They allow to save/load your parameters of the GenericLogViewer like: number of diagrams diagram types selected categories ... Only logfile specific parameters are not saved, like filenames, time windows (makes no sense). Remark: depending on the "complexity" of the setup (6x2 diagrams, each with 3 categories, ...) it ca
  4. New version 5.0 available ! Hi all, I built a version 5.0 with the following new features: MSI Afterburner Logs are now supported too (*.hml) "Statistic"-diagram got many improvements (now it works as it should) New diagram-type "Triple" implemented, which shows Minimum, Average and Maximum in a barchart: Attention: "Generic Log Viewer" requires now at least .NET Version 4.7.2 (Windows Update from April 2018). Download-Link: see first post of this thread !
  5. New version 4.0 available ! Hi all, I spent some time to improve the GenericLogViewer, so Version 4.0 has two new features: possibility to compare different categories of one file in one diagram possibility to present diagrams in a "dark style" 1) Multiple categories of one file in one diagram If you have only one file loaded, you can find a new "+" button on the right side of the category ComboBox in every diagram: This button allows you to add up to two more category ComboBoxes. Attention: be aware of comparing same units (within [..]) Comparing CPU [MHz]
  6. New version 3.2 available ! Bugfix: Sometimes log-files can't be opened, case reported by mkos1 above -> fixed
  7. Hello n1kobg, you can typically see your FPS when you start FRAPS (http://www.fraps.com/) before you start AIDA64. If you do this, you can find in the log-settings an entry for FRAPS: I think this works up to DX11 games, but not for games running with DX12 ! For Registry setting changes I propose you write registry files, which are simple text files (ask Google). The same for batch-files (simple text files, ask Google). Best regards TomWoB
  8. Hi mkos1, I assume this should be not the problem. I checked the code and log lines like "* Processes started: dllhost.exe, Photoshop.exe" are handle correctly, but I found a potential problem in case of such a "Start/Stop" log-line contains the "value delimiter" semikolon (";"), but I never saw such a line so far ! Here is an example of a logfile, which has "Log started and stopped processes" turned ON and the LogViewer doesn't have any problem with this file: Aida64log_2016-02-17_17-27-48_log.zip
  9. Hello mkos1, I'm sorry that you had some trouble with my LogViewer. Let's check some stuff: under menu "File -> Preferences" you should configure the "Logging" section like the following example (interface has a little bit changed): The configuration filename "Aida64log" generates log-filenames like "Aida64log_2016-02-14_15-51-14_log.csv" ! Today I generated an example logfile (attached below) with the settings above: 00:00 - 00:26: Project Cars 00:27 - 00:47: F1 2015 00:47 - 00:51: nothing -> cool down Everything is working fine on my PC: no problem during opening the
  10. New version 3.1 available ! Bugfix: Sometimes log-files can't be opened after AIDA64 was stopped -> fixed
  11. New version 3.0 available ! New feature: time window definition per logfile possible: to show only a part of a single logfile or to synchronize multiple logfiles See detailed description in first post of this thread ...
  12. New version 2.2 available ! Bugfix: Log-files, created on a PC which was running > 24 hours couldn't be loaded -> fixed Tip: for "long time control" (e.g. PCs running 24/7), you can use the "Numbers of hours between opening new log files" feature, which allows to generate e.g. "one file per day". Such log-files can be perfectly compared, because all files have same duration arithmetic averages are calculated on same base
  13. New version 2.1 available ! New features: up to 6 diagrams in up to 2 columns (-> max = 12 diagrams) Simple mode (for small diagrams) Tooltip with horizontal line I added a "two columns" feature, which doubles the number of diagrams. But if you use "two columns" with a high "number of diagrams" the diagrams are very small. That's why I introduced the "Simple mode" which: simplifies header and footer decreases line thickness Tip: use the "Tab"-key to toggle between 'Standard' and 'Simple' mode ! Another new feature is that you can create a horizontal line in a "Timeline" diagram: g
  14. New version 2.0 available ! New features: Reload-Button: to refresh active logging-files arithmetic averages of all curves are shown quantisation can be disabled if wanted Why new major version 2? I did a lot of internal changes and code is now completly verified by Unit-Tests.
  15. New version 1.3 available ! Information see above, please update to latest version.
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