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  1. @tegazinho, it's happening because desktop wallpaper isn't changed by Windows scaling, while Sensor Panel is. First thing that comes to mind is taking this 625x100 piece of wallpaper that SP currently covers, and resizing it to 500x80. Use the scaled down image as a Sensor Panel background, so that when the Windows scaling kicks in, you'll get the right size background. It probably won't look great after 2 time resizing, but if you set the correct opacity it might not be that bad. Let us know how it turned out - if it's acceptable I might add this scaling option to BGSnippet
  2. @Aidaknow, @TungstenMD - I've created a tool (still beta version), that automates workaround mentioned above. It triggers whenever Windows background changes, takes a snippet of current background, and saves it to a file (you'll setup Aida64 to use this file as panel background and It'll automatically reload it's background whenever said file changes). There's a lot to be improved, but it works as-is for me in Windows 8.1 (edit: works with Windows 10 as well) I plan on preparing some more detailed description, and improving this tool, but since it might be hard for me to find some time
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