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  1. FoX

    Image png error

    Sorry for the late reply, i had a lot to do. Thanks for the great support its still work fine. Topic can markt as done. best regards FoX
  2. Is it possible to create the background of the sensor panel using an animated gif? This would allow some design options. Thank you an best regards FoX
  3. Hi, i have the following problem that when I insert a png image on the sensor panel that it comes to an error. I do not know if there are certain requirements for the insertion. Or wheter you can increase it ? Image for the error best regards FoX
  4. My first Custom sensor panel, It´s on 1024 x 600 Screen is displayed on an incase screen. It is not yet finished but still in progress. I was ispired a little bit by everyone.
  5. FoX

    2 problems

    Yeah i mean rtss fps, sorry for My phone correction
  6. FoX

    2 problems

    Oh sorry if im in the wrong Forum. The Problem is gone With the desktop when i close aida64. That‘s why My opinion is that ist has to do with aida64. and the fps Display is the sfps on the Aida 64 hardware monitor. thank you and best regards
  7. Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with two things. I'm relatively new and I'm just getting used to Aida. First problem as soon as I want to update my desktop or select things, move etc. my selection is canceled immediately. as if someone was clicking somewhere with the mouse. second problem: the fps display worked at the beginning. when I connected a second monitor, as a hardware monitor. It only showed 0. can you change the display there? that he only queries the main monitor? hope ear can help me there best regards
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