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  1. progress but it still doesnt work mate, I give up Fiery AIDA64 is not going to work on it, Alphacool are a bunch of useless twats that couldn't organise a piss up in a free bar........ they dont give a f*ck about it and are happy to keep selling it, its fine lesson learnt never buy another Alphacool product, I have been banned from there forum for telling them a few home truth's. But that just pissed me off even more up come the proxy server 130 posts later their forum was trashed, they keep banning my email addys, I keep creating new ones creating a new account and destroying there
  2. Ok I have found what your refering to and its a configuration file, if I right click on it and look at its properties it is an ini file, so I changed the HWMonSharedMemName=AIDA64_SensorValues to HWMonSharedMemName=EVEREST_SensorValues It doesn't work Fiery unfortunately mate ive got what you are refering to bang on I'm sure, it the only thing it can be, and another look at LCDhype tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see me putting my fist through it soon.............................................................
  3. Hi Fiery thank you for your response, I hope you visited the link i posted within my original post to Alphacool and see that I only had nice things to say about your efforts to try and make a fix for Alphacool's incompetences. I have tried and followed your instructions to a T, I will have another go at it at some point this week, but I really have followed the instructions to a T and are not getting anywhere, can you tell me then , can i just skip the 2.8 beta listed and still apply the same instructions to version 3.0? Have you included the same instruction set for this fix in vers
  4. Hi so i find myself joining the growing list of frustrated Alphacool LCD users, and dont worry AIDA they have been given a stern and fair account of my experience of there equipment within their forum this morning. http://forum.alphacool.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3452&sid=af7c56ac249a487d1c7cb20f83629c32 After 3 days of trying to get my head around LCDhype and although being very savy when it comes to rigs, overclocking, and generally all things computer related, I am not a coder and have found it difficult and frustrating, I cannot believe the lack of support for this LCD
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