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  1. I did that just now and when I Restarted the program and went to the 'Sensor' section it still froze. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey, I'm having the same problem. When i go to sensor, or preferences->OSD/Sidebar/etc, anything that displays information like that my computer freezes. Specs: AMD 1090T 3.6Ghz OC (stable) Asus Crosshair 4 Formula 8Gb GSkill Flare RAM XMP (stable) GSkill 120Gb Phoenix Pro SSD (primary) WD 1Tb Caviar Black (storage) Wd 300Gb Raptor (Games) Seagate 160Gb (bitlocked) Sparkle Gold Class 1000W Power Supply 2 XFX 6870's in Crossfire I've downloaded the beta, no luck. I've tried compatibility modes, no luck. I don't have any other programs that display system info. Need more just ask. I never had this problem with Everest. Any help would be great thanks!
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