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  1. Thank you, bhiga!!! You saved me from buying a new screen and all the work involved changing my integrated screen (see picture). It worked perfectly. I love AIDA64! I was gone for a while, sorry for the late response.Thanks again!
  2. Crystalfontz replied back to me with the following: The hardware is v2.2, with v2.0 firmware. They told me that there is no possibility for a firmware upgrade. I guess I'll have to consider to purchase something newer. Thanks for all your help and time!
  3. Hi, Thanks so much for your reply! The software driver version= v2.12.0.0 I am not sure about the firmware but have contacted Crystalfontz and awaiting a reply. The model I have is quite old I think I purchased it 10 years ago. Maybe it's time for a new one. The main PCB states: CrystalFontz SKD204-634 V2.2 A sticker labeled YMC states Date 12/8/04 Another sticker labeled USB states 3/1/05 There are two more silver stickers (maybe serial numbers?) On the main pcb: 280461A On the USB daughter pcb: 780091A Again, Thanks for your time!
  4. Hi, I have a Crystalfontz CFA634-USB (Device ID 0403-FC09) and only 3 lines show on the display. I am running Windows 7 and the latest AIDA64 beta. Example: Under Preferences - LCD Items, Click "New",,Select "Date",Click "OK", Click "Apply" The Date shows in the list as X,Y 0,0 but not on the screen at all. If I repeat the above, the next Date shows in the list as X,Y 0,1 but on the screen in Line 1 (row 0) It seems that everything moves up a row and thus row number 0 is not visible. I can only have 3 rows instead of 4 on my screen. The screen itself is OK as it works with the CrystalF
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