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  1. "AIDA64 does report the temperatures on all four DIMM slots." I never said the memory modules would not read temperature values, they will not read the voltage of the memory modules. I am pretty sure the Corsiar Dominator series of DDR3 & DDR4 memory modules are capable of reading voltage values. My last Dominator kit that was DDR3 read voltages on the modules using AIDA64 OSD.
  2. Since updating to a x99 mobo & DDR4 AIDA64 no longer reports voltage from my DIMM slots or does it give me the option to add via the OSD items menu. AIDA64 does report the temperatures on all four DIMM slots. Specs: Asrock Extreme 11, 5930k @ 4.7GHz 1. 32GB of Dominator Platinum DDR4 @ 2666MHz 1.20v. AIDA64 v5.70.3811 Beta
  3. I used to have two font variations called razor from the LCD items menu but after my format and install of win8 my favorite font is no longer on the list of AIDA LCD items fonts.
  4. I finished my first one, yay. 2012-12-01.sensorpanel
  5. Yes, that fixed the problem by changing the LCD background color to white, thanks!
  6. I have upgraded to the recent beta and my OSD panel will not show anymore? The Sensor panel will show if select it but not my OSD panel.
  7. Yes! it has never worked with any AIDA64 Version. Evga PrecisionX shows up in the G510 LCD with my GPU info. I am using the latest Logitech G510 drivers also. Thanks for the replys
  8. I have set up the OSD to appear on my G510 keyboard LCD but it never shows up. It is always blank and is enabled in both AIDA64 and the G510.
  9. Asus Rampage Extreme IV, 3930K, GTX680 4GB, 2x OCZ Vertex 60Gs RAID 0 no OS just spare, 1 OCZ Revo3 240GB PCIe 4x with Windows 7 64bit.
  10. I found that the new version of AIDA64 2.60.2100 is causing BF3 to crash to a black screen and I have to Ctrl Alt Delete and kill BF3 from the task manager. This did not happen with the previous beta version before the 2.60 version. I also notice that the OSD panel using tranperancy will show a black border after a while and you will have to close it and restart the OSD. Solved! I shut off AIDA64 version 2.60.2100 and BF3 does not crash anymore.
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