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  1. I do appreciate you at least looking this over. As techs (as I KNOW you know), when something like that happens.......with no explanation. Grrrrrr, I know you get that. :-) Years, and I mean.....5-6 years of it all working flawlessly, 8 months with a complete new hardware/software build with no issues, and boom, out of know where, it stalls. Weird. I do agree that it had to be other software causing the read error, because Aida64 has never failed me, never caused any issues, and I trust in the software, stability, and the Aida team. Had to be some other API messin it up. Thanks ag
  2. Ok, now I have good news and bad..... This morning, i fired up the rig, and everything......is working and back to normal. Just like the OP, Jimmy. Bad part is, I like knowing WHY something didn't work........Anyone? Great news is, after doing nothing, and a good 18 hrs, all back in business. HHhhhhhhh, I don't like not having a reason. BD
  3. I realize this is a few months back, but it is the exact issue I experienced myself today. Seems like it cleared itself for the OP (Timmy), but I am interested if you ever found out what caused it? (rather than waiting and hoping for the best, or getting lucky) I am also experiencing this odd error where when the sensors are "checked" Aida64 just hangs, and never finds any sensors. It just stays on 'checking sensors" in properties. It is important to note that I watched my G19 LCD (set up for Aida64 display information) start to fail, because the background images and graphics were di
  4. HERE HERE! The G19 support is what tipped me over the edge of purchasing a license. Excellent software for the enthusiast! Thank you.
  5. I would like to mention an application that I found a year or so ago, and I have found it to be invaluable. I have used it on XP though Windows 8, and currently use it on ALL of my computers. The program is called NetWorx, a bandwidth monitor. In all of my testing, it works in harmony with all of my applications, is add free, malware free, spyware free, and heck, its just FREE. I recommend that you check it out and I am sure it will serve you well. I started using it when my ISP began to throttle usage on a monthly basis, and I needed to monitor my usage. This NetWorx does the job,
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