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  1. UPDATE: It's working again! :-) No changes done, but today it's back again. Thanks for your quick support, case is closed.
  2. Did several restarts, both Windows and the Logitech G19 (unplugging the power cord). The only new device is a pair of speakers, connected to the screen. No changes to the system itself
  3. By today, AIDA64 stopped showing any sensor informations, both the LCD and the software itself. When going to settings, the message "Ermittele Sensor Informationen..." is shown as normal, but it keeps to be shown without any changes. Running this version: 5.98.4832 Beta But also tested this version today: 6.10.5224 Beta Both can't read the sensor information. Running Windows 10 Pro
  4. Thanks for your effort! Still sad to read, since I searched for quite a long time to get this frame, after I checked your .pdf list of recommended displays
  5. Just tried to do so, but I failed I went to the device manager, but no new device had appeared. The device has to entries under portable devices, "800P" & the drive letter of the mass storage. Run the installer_x64.exe, but nothing happend. What is the device supposed to be called after I activated the Samsung support @AIDA64? Something like unknown device?
  6. First of all: SORRY! I relied on the email - notification and didn't check this thread. Just tried as you described, but it didn't work: the device connects as a storage device (800P). I open AIDA64, activate the Samsung LCD support. A status appears (Switching..., in blue letters). After 20 seconds or so, an error appears: "USB device not found", in red letters.
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum and new some of your experts advice: Used my Logitech G19 for over a decade and it works great, but picked up a Samsung Photo Frame now: 800P. Please, can someone explain to me, how to set it up? Read the AIDA64 LCD guide, downloaded their own drivers. A, btw, I'm on Win 10, 64 bit. What to do now? In details, please? I can't install this driver: run the installer.exe, nothing seems to happen. Tried to update the driver in the device manager, Win keeps telling me that "the best driver is already installed" Would be nice to get some advice from you guys, th
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