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  1. Delay my last. I had to roll back a driver.
  2. I uninstalled powerchute. My desktop does not function as laptop on battery. My system will run the battery dead until just shuts off due to noi power.
  3. My apoligizes for piggy backing on this. Aida64 shows estimated battery run time. Would there be anyway to set up alerting to shutdown when estamited battery run time is down to whatever threshold a user might use? I would love to stop using APC Powerchute software as well.
  4. I have logging enabled for html. Logs have been enabled since march 29th. Will they automatically prune after 30 days? Or do I have to delete them. Logging is almost 2 gb.
  5. Okay, thank you very much. Chris
  6. Hello, I have my water pump connected to a fan header. Pump is not PWM. Just using the header to keep an eye on speed. For that fan header (Optional Fan Header) on my motherboard (Asus Crosshair V Formula Z). I have Aida64 Alerting set up to notify me and shutdown my system when pump speed is below a certain revolution. When I open CPU-Z or Asus AI suite II, Aida64 says pump speed to low and shuts my system down. I have to disable this alerting when opening these two programs. Any ideas how to fix it.
  7. Hi Fiery Is there a way I can keep my core temperature icon (red) where I place it (it is currently where I want it) after reboot? The core temperature icon keeps moving to the left of my outlook icon every time I start or reboot my system. The other system tray icons remember their positions. I have tried so many different configurations (even deleting all system tray icons cache), but I get the same thing. Thanks Chris
  8. Would this be the same with a router in between?
  9. How exactly do I set up aida64 (recent version) on my main rig and on my android for remote monitoring? Thanks Chris
  10. Ahhh Okay I understand, thanks.
  11. Will aida64 automatically clean up old logs or will I have to do this my self?
  12. The picture I posted shows what ASRock XTU says and what AIDA64 says without any offsets. The temperature readings are different for some reason. I did at one point configure an offset to match the same temperature that ASRock XTU was reporting while idle. Once temperature went up in ASRock XTU, AIDA64 did not change at all with the offset change. Broke sensor register maybe? Chris
  13. Hi Aida64 doesn't show correct motherboard temperature for 990fx extreme 9 motherboard by asrock. I have set the offset to account for this but then once the temperature goes up, aida's temperature will stay the same, so I set back to defaults. I have included a picture of what it looks like. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi, thanks for the reply I have fans connected to both fan headers (actually all of the headers on this board have fans lol). So I guess there is know way to get aida to read fan 2 with out giving it a kickstart with asrock's extreme tuner utility. Thanks again Chris
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