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  1. Ok, done. I have sent detailed reports including the benchmark for this machine. Please add it to the example benchmarks. This iMAC is quite fast. Also attached the details reports as requested in rar format renamed to attach.txt. attach.txt
  2. iMac 27" Late 2012 i5 3.2ghz 32gb RAM Nvidia GTX 675MX 1GB Ram Windows 8 Pro 64bit BootCamp v4.1 Drivers (Current) Aida64 2.80.2300 BUG: When both "Load Kernel Driver" and "Low-Level SMBus" options are selected, Aida64 will disable the brightness control and induces a freeze/lag when attempting to adjust the brightness via the keyboard function FX keys. While pressing FN+F1/F2 brightness down/up it causes the computer to freeze momentary, mouse and keyboard are frozen momentary and the brightness control no longer function leaving the brightness at the lowest level. The issue persists
  3. On a Supermicro C2SBX there is a mouse lag occuring every couple of seconds as if the mouse sticks and the pointer falls behind.. To reproduce spin the mouse in a circular motion while Aida64 OSD is running and watch for pointer lag or momentary freeze/fall behind every couple of seconds 5-6 seconds or so. This does not occur in the last version of Everest....
  4. I second that... It is very annoying, to have 16 HD's and all same brand, but when looking at the temps we have no idea of which is which... Please add an option where the serial number is entered automatically in the drive description...
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