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  1. Ok, the 1) is fixed by reinstalling windows XP and by installing intel chipset drivers, duno what was broken. I still searching for the 2 to 4)
  2. Hello Aida64 fans, im currently working on an olddddd (very old) computer and i noticed some things i dont like with aida64. I think it may be fixed. So its a Dell dimension desktop PC with an IDE quantum Fireball 20GB HDD, which Aida64 cant recognize for some reason. Here is the problems i've listed: HDD is not recognized at all (not in ATA and not in SMART) and IS by Hdtune software The Pentium4 HT 3Ghz (Prescott) have no temperature sensor avalaible in sensor tab There is no SuperIO sensor at all in sensor tab, the superIO chip is a SMSC LPC47M172-NR Chip. It may be no tempeature sensor inside this chip based on the datasheet, but im not sure and also im not sure if there is not a voltage sensor? The monitor is not detected as well, but it may be normal, im not sure about this? (HP L1908W connected in D-SUB with DDC/CI enabled) Ive enabled all the option into aida64 stability tab, and its version 4.60.3159 beta. Ive upgraded to last Bios version of the mb on the dell site. Ive attached all the needed reports (in one compressed file) that may be help to troubleshoot and go further maybe. Thank. Dell dimension 4600 reports Aida64.zip
  3. Hello there, I was wondering why there is no more "ACPI tool" into the latest Aida64 (4.xx) versions? Regards
  4. Hello, I'm running aida64 and i see this into motherboard, chipset for my P5K Premium: It states DDR3, But my mb is a DDR2 slot only, what does this mean? Does it mean that the chipset can handle DDR3 logically, but not physically? Into motherboard section i got this:
  5. Ok, i see...but with GPU-Z i can switch to Intel IGD device and to the nvidia card, and it can display all the GPU information (frequency, temp...). I do not need to launch the gpuz.exe process as the nvidia graphic card (afaik). About the ACPI issue, it's a brand new Asus laptop with windows 7 premium 64, no crack at all. Regards,
  6. When i right click the AIDA64 .exe and do "start with high performance nvidia graphics", it doesn't do anything (dont know why). If i setup the aida64.exe binary into the nvidia control pannel as dedicated nvidia card, it's working by default with nvidia gpu, but when i go into GPU tab into AIDA64 (latest version), i got this: Uploaded with ImageShack.us So i got a wrong GPU usage, and also i cannot see the frequencies of CORE/SHADER/MEMORY whereas gpu-z or nvidia inspector can. Also about the ACPI bug i was speaking into my last post, i updated the screenshot, check into the last post. Regards
  7. Hi, recently i've tested the last beta version 1.85.1653 Extreme Edition with my last Asus notebook. It's equiped with 2 video cards, the Intel integrated one (sandy bridge chipset with core i72630 QM), and a dedicated nvidia GT 540M card. When i go into PCI/AGP Video i see nothing: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Also into GPU tab, i see only the IGD card, not the nvidia card: Uploaded with ImageShack.us and to finish with the ACPI section, i got a bug with one table: Uploaded with ImageShack.us I attach you the acpidump file, tell me if you need another one. Also with latest version 1.85.1661 i got another result for this acpi table: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Regards, acpidump.txt
  8. Hi, APC UPS language used for serial communication between the host computer and the UPS (aka the APC UPS Link Language) has been reverse engineered long time ago as you can see in this page: http://grox.net/man/ups/apcsmart.html and the result of this is the open tool called NUT http://www.networkupstools.org/ It is an opensource linux based client/server equivalent to powerchute network. There is also a windows port (not yet complete) called winnut http://www.csociety.org/~delpha/winnut/ The included tool by APC to monitor called powerchute is very poor because it cannot data log the voltage history and so we cannot spot voltage drops or spike easily. That's why it would be a power user feature to be able to monitor those sensors with Aida64. Regards, int0x13
  9. Sorry for late answer, the problem is fixed, thanks!
  10. i believe i got also some latency issues, last day i was playback some music and got sound stutter regularly. I'm not sure aid64 was launched or not but it may be. Next time I'll check with latency mon to be sure.
  11. Thank you very much, i feel much better with my good old xp icons! One more thing i noticed, sometimes i got a GMCH1 sensor and after some seconds it's disappearing. I had the same issue with Everest. Config: Asus notebook (Chipset NB: Intel Crestline-PM PM965 and SB: Intel 82801HBM ICH8-DO, sensor: CPU, HDD, Asus NB ACPI)
  12. Hi there, it's my first message into the new Aida64 since the end of Lavalys, I've tried Aid64 and i found the icons were better before! But it's not a big deal. Anyway i have some issues with USB 3.0 Nec PCI-X 1x internal card. When i view USB, into Devices, if i check my external USB3.0 HDD, i can see this: Supported USB Version 3.00 Current Speed Unknown Seems like it cannot detect the current speed , duno why? Also when i go into SMART for my external HDD (USB3.0), it sometimes very long to refresh the display of the smart counters in the right pane. Regards,
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