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  1. Thank you. You see, this type of customer support is why I will continue to buy renewal license and promote AIDA64.
  2. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work! I hate to be a bother, but I noticed that there is a value; '3.3V EC', that HWiNFO reports that is different from the '+3.3V'. Is that a value AIDA64 can display, or no? Thanks again.
  3. Thank you, that info is very helpful. However, I appear to have neither the DIMM CA nor the DIMM DB sensors in AIDA64. Regarding the voltage ranges, I am able to obtain those from the BIOS, I just wanted make sure I was matching BIOS labels with AIDA64 labels. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  4. Not as fancy as some, I just used what is normally provided by AIDA64. This is fullscreen 2160x1440.
  5. I understand. The reason I was asking to identify the OEM sensor names as they correspond to AIDA64 sensor labels, is that I wanted to accurately set the ranges of the voltage sensors. As I am sure you are aware, the default voltage ranges are 0-15 volts. While the gauges do report the actual values in numerical form, there may be (is) no "Redline". For example, I was able to determine that the VCCIO range for my motherboard is .95-1.5V. This is quite a difference form 0-15V. I believe that being able to monitor the most accurate information possible should be the primary purpose of AIDA64. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
  6. Fiery, I have these voltages listed in BIOS/UEFI. Some of which I do not see in AIDA64 (at least not by those names), some are listed. VSA VCCIO VCCPLL VCCPLL VBOOT VCCPLL VBOOT OC VCCST VCCST VBOOT CORE PLL RING PLL SA PLL MC PLL PCH USB/PCIe PLL BCLK PLL DMI PLL DIMM Is it possible to identify the ones that are listed in AIDA64, but by different names, and to add the others? Thanks for your help, and the great work you do with AIDA64.
  7. @Tdubbs, Thanks. @Fiery, I have attached the file. Hopefully, that is what you need. Thanks. ELeetX_Report.txt
  8. So, when you say to create a report, how do I go about that? I see that I can take screenshots of the various tabs, but no report option. Thanks Please forgive my ignorance, perhaps you could explain in more detail exactly what to do to provide the information?
  9. OK, got the VDIMM VRM. In HWiNFO, the VR VCC temperature is listed under CPU (#0): Intel Core i9-9900K; Enhanced. Here is a snip the EC sensors:
  10. On my eVGA Z390 DARK motherboard, I noticed that HWiNFO reports VDIMM VRM temperatures and VR VCC (SVID) temperatures, but AIDA64 does not. Is it possible to add those sensors? Thanks
  11. eVGA Z390 Dark motherboard. No thermistor cables, and no mention of thermistor headers in the manual, only voltage headers (Probe It). AIDA64 would not normally report non-existent sensors, would it?
  12. OK, thanks for the info. So, I would use those for an external temperature sensor, for example? Looking around, I see both 10K and 100K thermistors. I am guessing it matters which I would use?
  13. OK, thanks. What component are they monitoring the temperature of?
  14. Just down loaded 6.00.5146 BETA and noticed these temperature sensors. What are they for?
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