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  1. I understand. I see that the latest BETA, 5.92.4306, notes: Hardware Monitoring / new items: M.2 #1, M.2 #2, M.2 #3 temperatures. This is not for RAID0, I take it? Thanks
  2. I see there is a new version of AIDA64, but still no temperature reading of M.2 SSD in RAID.
  3. @Fiery, Thanks, looking forward to it.
  4. @Fiery, Was wondering if any progress made on implementing the M.2 temperature sensor? Thanks
  5. Should Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD in RAID0 show temps? Thanks
  6. Yes, I have CPU Utilization enabled in Sensor Panel. I disabled those Sensor Panel items and ran Stability Test:
  7. I do normally run AIDA64 with Sensor Panel in full-screen. I disabled Sensor Panel, ran Stability Test, and there were no drop-outs.
  8. All security patches, no 'optional' updates, no non-security 'recommended' updates issued after January 1, 2015.
  9. 5.80.4093BETA. Stability Test no longer freezes. However, something I never noticed happening with previous versions of Stability Test; CPU usage momentarily dropping to zero:
  10. 5.80.4089 BETA. Issue continues... EDIT: I installed my motherboard manufacturer's latest BIOS, and while at default settings, ran Stability Test. It froze immediately. Any version after 5.80.4068 freezes, any version before does not.
  11. 5.80.4081BETA Stability Test GUI froze at 21 seconds.
  12. MB - eVGA Classified K GPU - eVGA GTX970SSC USB external connections- Logitech MX700 Keyboard/Mouse, Thermaltake Max4 HDD enclosure with Toshiba DT10ACA100 1TB HDD, Epson WF-2540 printer, APC Back-UPS RS1500 LCD RAID - 4 x Samsung 830 in RAID0.
  13. 5.80.4075BETA Stability Test also freezing. Looks like 5.80.4068 is the latest BETA I can use for Stability Test.
  14. Priorities are as you say they should be.