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  1. Would it possible have an option when certain gauges could be 'highlighted'? E.g. I click on an active gauge in Sensor Panel there is an option in the context menu that will change the default gauge and text color so that it stands out from the other active gauges? Thanks
  2. Did some re-arranging: Would it be possible to add a feature where we could highlight certain sensors (gauges) and have them change color? For example; I want to keep an eye on CPU voltage and water temperatures. I would be able to select those gauges and the gauge background would turn red with yellow numbers and blue 'ticks'?
  3. Never mind, I figured it out. Works well, and no iCUE software!
  4. I bought the Commander PRO. AIDA64 sees the device, but how do I get it to display temperatures?
  5. @Fiery, Thanks, picking one up this week. I will let you know how it goes.
  6. Just to be clear before I spend $70 for a Commander Pro; AIDA64 will be able to monitor temperature sensors (the ones I linked to above) through the Commander Pro? I have no intention of using iCUE.
  7. Is it necessary to install/run the iCUE software, or will AIDA64 monitor the temp sensors through the Commadner Pro without it?
  8. If I use the Corsair Commander PRO to monitor XSPC G1/4" Inline 10k Sensor and Flat 10k Sensor will AIDA64 be able to monitor and display the values?
  9. Is it possible to plug XSPC water temp sensor: http://www.xs-pc.com/temperature-sensors/g14-inline-10k-sensor-black-chrome into a motherboard fan header and have AIDA64 monitor and display the temperature? Thanks
  10. Thank you. You see, this type of customer support is why I will continue to buy renewal license and promote AIDA64.
  11. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work! I hate to be a bother, but I noticed that there is a value; '3.3V EC', that HWiNFO reports that is different from the '+3.3V'. Is that a value AIDA64 can display, or no? Thanks again.
  12. Thank you, that info is very helpful. However, I appear to have neither the DIMM CA nor the DIMM DB sensors in AIDA64. Regarding the voltage ranges, I am able to obtain those from the BIOS, I just wanted make sure I was matching BIOS labels with AIDA64 labels. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  13. Not as fancy as some, I just used what is normally provided by AIDA64. This is fullscreen 2160x1440.
  14. I understand. The reason I was asking to identify the OEM sensor names as they correspond to AIDA64 sensor labels, is that I wanted to accurately set the ranges of the voltage sensors. As I am sure you are aware, the default voltage ranges are 0-15 volts. While the gauges do report the actual values in numerical form, there may be (is) no "Redline". For example, I was able to determine that the VCCIO range for my motherboard is .95-1.5V. This is quite a difference form 0-15V. I believe that being able to monitor the most accurate information possible should be the primary purpose of AIDA64. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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