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  1. OK, what is your rig running?
  2. Not an iCUE, but AIDA64 displays total wattage read from my APC BACK-UPS RS1500LCD UPS.
  3. On another forum, I noticed users posting their Memory benchmark result screenshots that have a lower case letter i in a blue circle above the three read, write, copy headings. I do not see that on mine. What is it?
  4. I see, so would it be possible to have Uncore power displayed on my rig? eVGA Z390 Dark, 9900K, not using iGPU. EDIT: I figured it out. If I enable iGPU, although I am using discreet graphics card for video, the Uncore power displays.
  5. I have Power Values for CPU Package Power, CPU IA Cores, but nothing for GT Cores or DRAM. Would it be possible to add those and the Uncore, please? Do you need a sensor dump?
  6. eVGA Z390 Dark. HWMonitor shows a reading for Uncore power. Can AIDA64 do the same? Thanks
  7. I just got a 4K monitor, and even the large gauges appear somewhat small. Would it be possible to get extra large gauges? Thanks
  8. You do not say what your cooling solution is, but while it is probably sufficient, maybe it is not optimal. Here is a screenshot running the CPU Stability Test; 9900K, direct die, custom water loop.
  9. Would it possible have an option when certain gauges could be 'highlighted'? E.g. I click on an active gauge in Sensor Panel there is an option in the context menu that will change the default gauge and text color so that it stands out from the other active gauges? Thanks
  10. Did some re-arranging: Would it be possible to add a feature where we could highlight certain sensors (gauges) and have them change color? For example; I want to keep an eye on CPU voltage and water temperatures. I would be able to select those gauges and the gauge background would turn red with yellow numbers and blue 'ticks'?
  11. Never mind, I figured it out. Works well, and no iCUE software!
  12. I bought the Commander PRO. AIDA64 sees the device, but how do I get it to display temperatures?
  13. @Fiery, Thanks, picking one up this week. I will let you know how it goes.
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