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  1. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    Which is why I requested the second temperature display.
  2. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    I know I am the one who requested this feature, so I am obviously biased, but I see ~4 to 8 C° difference in the two temperatures at idle on each of my 960EVO (RAID0), and as much as 25 C° difference, for example, when running a system virus scan.
  3. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    Works good. Thank you.
  4. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    Did this ever get implemented and I missed it?
  5. Arctucas

    Core/thread usage gauge

    Seems we have a spammer.
  6. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    Thanks. I understand there are many other things you need to address. I was only wondering because there was no reply for a long time.
  7. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    I take it the answer is no?
  8. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    I apologize for not being specific. What I meant to ask was; could we have both temperatures available in the Sensor Panel, please?
  9. Arctucas

    nvme temps?

    As there are two temp sensors, at least for some nvme ssd, could we have AIDA64 display both? Thanks
  10. Arctucas

    nvme SSD RAID0 temp

    60°C and 90°C? Those are crazy high temps. Using 4679 BETA; I get 54°C and 58°C running the Stress Local Disks test for five minutes. (Second sensor.) Using 4687 BETA; I get 31°C and 32°C running the Stress Local Disks test for five minutes. (First sensor.)
  11. Arctucas

    nvme SSD RAID0 temp

    Thanks for the explanation, I wondered why HWiNFO showed two different sensors with two different readings for my 960 EVO. I do not suppose it would be worthwhile to have AIDA64 display both sensors also?
  12. Arctucas

    nvme SSD RAID0 temp

    Would you please explain what that means?
  13. Arctucas

    nvme SSD RAID0 temp

    I have noticed that the latest version, 5.97.4687 BETA, reports the temp of the nvme drives, but it appears to be incorrect. 5.97.4679 BETA appears to report the correct temps.
  14. Got it, works perfectly with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers As usual, excellent work! Thanks
  15. I believe I have discovered what caused the issue. I had installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers Using RST instead makes the problem go away. However, I wonder if AIDA64 may not be monitoring the correct sensor, looking at the HWiNFO display?