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  1. I also use a Commander Pro for temp sensors; Water temps, Ambient air temps, and AIDA64 works great.
  2. Load a restore point before the install?
  3. File>Preferences>Correction>New (add your device)>set Ratio to whatever makes the correct temperature appear.
  4. Thaiphoon Burner does not install. Extract and run. HWiNFO says I do not have Temperature Sensor. But, it displays DIMM temperatures. And, AIDA64 displays DIMM temperatures.
  5. @NewbieOKS, RAMMON says I do not have a thermal sensor, when, in fact, I do. What does Thaiphoon Burner say under Thermal Sensor?
  6. What is GPU2? No GPU fans are running at 20%.
  7. GT is the CPU integrated graphics, should be disabled in BIOS when using discreet graphics card e.g. RTX3070. iCUE is basically crap, and does not play well with other monitoring software, so you get what you get. What does HWiNFO say? CPU Package is what I use when referring to CPU temperature.
  8. Does the NVMe actually have temperature sensor(s)? My Samsung 960EVO has two, my Sabrent Rocket-Pro does not.
  9. Wow! I am sure that cannot be good for the drive; probably throttles speed and might shorten lifespan. SFF PCs are neat and compact, but personally, I would not pack them with higher performance hardware, because of the amount of heat that you are experiencing.
  10. 20°C is fairly cool, mine is usually 24° to 27°C. I was looking at Corsair's website to check that particular model out, a lot in a small package. The 9900K do run hot. Mine was really difficult to cool, even with custom loop, until I delidded it to run bare die. Even so, @5000MHz, it still idles around ambient +10°C.
  11. I was actually referring to the ambient room temperature, not the chassis temperature. Yes, a SFF chassis does not allow for much cooling. What CPU are you running, and what CPU cooler?
  12. At idle? Even your GPU temp seems high. This is a desktop PC, not a laptop, correct? CPU is Overclocked? What cooling?
  13. Not any advice to offer, just a question about your temperatures being accurate? If your CPU temp is 57°C using only 34W @ 1.17V, something is not right, unless your ambient temperature is over 50°C.
  14. At idle, GPU and GPU Diode are usually the same, sometimes GPU is 1°C lower than GPU Diode. I thought I would check load temperatures.
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