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  1. Arctucas

    Sensor panel; cannot save repositioned gauge.

    Yes, the UPS is connected. Repositioning that sensor gauge works on 4321 BETA.
  2. 4329 BETA. I wanted to reposition the UPS Estimated Time gauge, using the X/Y coordinates, but the OK button is greyed out.
  3. I understand. I see that the latest BETA, 5.92.4306, notes: Hardware Monitoring / new items: M.2 #1, M.2 #2, M.2 #3 temperatures. This is not for RAID0, I take it? Thanks
  4. I see there is a new version of AIDA64, but still no temperature reading of M.2 SSD in RAID.
  5. @Fiery, Thanks, looking forward to it.
  6. @Fiery, Was wondering if any progress made on implementing the M.2 temperature sensor? Thanks
  7. Should Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD in RAID0 show temps? Thanks
  8. Arctucas

    fixed: Stability Test freezing

    Yes, I have CPU Utilization enabled in Sensor Panel. I disabled those Sensor Panel items and ran Stability Test:
  9. Arctucas

    fixed: Stability Test freezing

    I do normally run AIDA64 with Sensor Panel in full-screen. I disabled Sensor Panel, ran Stability Test, and there were no drop-outs.
  10. Arctucas

    fixed: Stability Test freezing

    All security patches, no 'optional' updates, no non-security 'recommended' updates issued after January 1, 2015.
  11. Arctucas

    fixed: Stability Test freezing

    5.80.4093BETA. Stability Test no longer freezes. However, something I never noticed happening with previous versions of Stability Test; CPU usage momentarily dropping to zero:
  12. Arctucas

    fixed: Stability Test freezing

    5.80.4089 BETA. Issue continues... EDIT: I installed my motherboard manufacturer's latest BIOS, and while at default settings, ran Stability Test. It froze immediately. Any version after 5.80.4068 freezes, any version before does not.
  13. Arctucas

    fixed: Stability Test freezing

    5.80.4081BETA Stability Test GUI froze at 21 seconds.
  14. Arctucas

    fixed: Stability Test freezing

    MB - eVGA Classified K GPU - eVGA GTX970SSC USB external connections- Logitech MX700 Keyboard/Mouse, Thermaltake Max4 HDD enclosure with Toshiba DT10ACA100 1TB HDD, Epson WF-2540 printer, APC Back-UPS RS1500 LCD RAID - 4 x Samsung 830 in RAID0.