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  1. Hmm, is it a big work to make this Arc Gauge available on OSD and LCD ?
  2. But what's to complain if that is an option, not mandatory ?
  3. Ok, but how to make some, for example, pictures of rotating fans ? or water pump ? It does not have to be fluid. (this kind of animated images are found on some fan controllers with LCD)
  4. But is there any way to make a gauge smooth - instead of using steps ? (for example circular or straight gauge with given range, that fills smoothly - like bars > but gauges)
  5. Thanks ! Tried it, have some questions: * If i create some circular gauge for Time, (like analog watch face) - only way to do it is to represent this watch face as 24 hour ? (with one hand - like a parking meter ? ) * Can hours, minutes and seconds be separated somehow ? (12/24 hours, 60 min, 60 sec.) = much less steps on gauge. (I know, this would probably need three separate gauges for time)
  6. Isn't 100 milliseconds update rate (that is available as the maximum update rate right now) same as 10 FPS ?
  7. Why not enable animations with current update rate ? For system information related animations it should be enough. (no need for some fancy animations - even simple two of three image animations would be ok)
  8. Yep, date would be hard. Time will be enough i guess.
  9. Can Aida64 be made to support animated GIFs on LCDs and OSD ? - for example: small animated picture as some fan indicator (instead of the text). And many more areas of application. Then it would be (for example) possible to create an isometric picture of a PC with all the bells and whitles and add corresponding information to it. (for example: circular gauge in front of some animated gif of some fan. Or some kind of flashing warning label in case of some serious temperatures) - and so on... (flashing warning label could be some animated gif image that would be assigned to some level of some gauge - animated gif as gauge's image)
  10. I tried to create a circular clock on LCD, but as it turns out - Time (and date) cannot be shown as a gauge. May i suggest that this option would be a good idea ? (i hope that is not some huge work)
  11. Ok, thank you. For now i use Logitech G19 LCD that i extracted from the keyboard, but this is a temporary solution and needs Logitech keyboard drivers and software installed. (i already have a Razer keyboard, so current solution is not the best) Is there some similar external LCD that can be used with Aida64 ? (same size, same resolution, USB connection) but without extra software ?
  12. Hi, i have a question, regarding this external LCD: They say, it can read Aida64 sensor information. What does it mean ? Can this LCD show Aida64 information exactly the same way as Logitech G19 LCD ? And which LCD support i need to select from Aida64 Preferences under LCD section ?
  13. Ok, thank you. For everyone who is interested - i discovered that Asus Fan Control Service can work without AI Suite 3. You start AI Suite 3, set fan speeds and then you close AI Suite 3 and remove it from startup. Fan profiles remain working !
  14. Yep - it was Asus AI Suite 3. After i disabled it from startup, RAM temperature reading seemed to stabilize. In the past there were no such problems with AI Suite's older version. (AI Suite II) I replaced motherboard and now i am using newer AI Suite as well - can it be that it is using resources differently than previous versions ? Or is it the motherboard ? Old motherboard was Asus Sabertooth Z77 (with Ai Suite II), new motherboard is Asus Z270 Mark 1 (with Ai Suite III). So there must be some weird difference that makes reading RAM temperature difficult. Can this be resolved by changing the way Aida64 pulls this information from this kind of board, or is it advisable to not use AI suite ?