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  1. Thank you! Verified with new version 2.20.1849 beta.
  2. With the latest beta 2.20.1847 (win7 32) gadget settings revert back to defaults. Prior to the beta, color setting such as theme and Aida64 header visibility could be set on the settings directly at the gadget setttings and the settings remained in effect when AIDA64 was set to start with windows. After the beta install, color themes and header visibility setting in the gadget return to default at window start up.
  3. Forgot to attach AIDA64 report text after the error. Edit - so far this doesn't happen when only AISuite is running. Most likely some conflict with AISuite and AIDA64 when reading sensors. AfterError.txt
  4. When running AIDA64 and AISUITE II at the same time, after some time AISUITE II displays warning message that iGPU voltage is zero. After this message appears sensor readings disappear from AIDA64. Sometimes CPU temp reading reads196C with memory voltage zero. AIDA64's SMBus access is set to ACPI (ASUS). Attached: 1) Before and after screen shots of AIDA64 sensor display 2) Normal and Error states AIDA64 sensor reports 3) AISUITE PROBE II alerts log screenshot (sensor icons disappear after these alerts are logged) BeforeTempError.txt
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