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  1. Fiery, Thanks for the response. I would definitely like to check out how much the CPU utilization gets affected as we increase the shared memory update frequency Would it be possible to have a debug build or special hook for this ?
  2. Fiery, Thanks for the kind words. If I can request one feature, would it be possible to have a sub-1s scan interval for the sensor parameters being updated in the shared memory? Currently, only HWiNFO allows a configurable scan interval in milliseconds (I set it to 900ms in order to capture sensor values every 1s over the network). GPU-Z has no configurable scan interval (currently 1s on the tool's own window and 2.5s on the shared memory). With AIDA64, 1s is the minimum possible (I tried entering 0.9 in the Update Frequency box, but it went back to 5s after closing and opening that dialog
  3. Remote Sensor Monitor is a small freeware Windows console application (requires .NET 4.0) that initially started out with support for HWiNFO, GPU-Z and Open Hardware Monitor. With v2.1.0, support for AIDA64 has also been added. Please test out and provide feedback / bug reports. If you find this tool helpful, spread the word and leave a note here Background: Command Line Options: Usage: Version History: v2.1.0: Release Notes: 1. Added support for AIDA64 sensor / data reporting 2. Removed external DLL dependency for GPU-Z shared memory access v2.0.1: Relea
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