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  1. Grabbed the beta version (6.33.5714) and stuttering seems to have been solved. So! If you too have an ASUS motherboard and want EC Support grab the latest beta.
  2. Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z390-E BIOS: 1802 (latest non-beta) AIDA64 Version: 6.33.5700 Now, I know this is an ongoing issue with ASUS boards, just reporting my experience as I saw a relatively recent reply stating that this had been fixed. Recently added a water temp sensor to my loop, the sensor is connected to T_Sensor header on my board. In order for AIDA to 'see' that sensor I switched EC Support/Bank Switching on, added it to my sensorpanel and all is well. Fire up a game, immediate stutters. So I'm right back where I was before with EC Support/Bank Switchin
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