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  1. Ok, thanks Fiery So, what I've really taken from that is that I can monitor my real-world usage via AIDA64 to see how it compares... but even if everything is fine right now, more applications may start to use things like AVX instructions in the future, so my FPU result might be a sign foretelling what I could see in the future via real-world use. The CPU copes with it at my current clock, but in honesty I can't see it being very healthy. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on things over time and see what the future holds Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone I'm just wondring if someone can explain to me a little bit about the FPU test in AIDA64. Until now I've been running stress tests with CPU, FPU, and cache being tortured. As I understand it this is fine, but running an FPU only SST will applying the peak temperature to a CPU in order to show that it's capable of running under such circumstances without throttling back. I've so far got a stable 4.2Ghz clock out of my 4770K and I'm going to move on (with a target of 4.4GhZ or 4.3Ghz). At my 4.2Ghz clock the machine was stable for over 14 hours under AIDA64's CPU/FPU/Cach
  3. Hi Fiery Thanks for the fast response OK, great, well at least I have something to go on. It was the not knowing that was frustrating, but if it's a sign of instability, then at least I know. So if the SST thread crashed, the SST itself would still look like it's ongoing, with the SST window open and the time ticking away? The PC has just passed x42 again on 1.171 VCore with a x37 cache multiplier... it ran for over 14 hours, AIDA64 was applying pressure to the CPU as expected in all of that time until I pressed stop I'll have a go at the 4.3Ghz clock again and see what happen
  4. Hi everyone. I hope this is in the right place - I'm new to AIDA64 and in need of some help. The title pretty much says it all really, but here's the specifics. I'm an experienced PC builder, but a novice OC'er with some minor experience on a previous build. I've just built myself a new system and I'm currently going through the OC routine of trying to find the sweet-spot between stability, performance, and safety. My core components are as follows, Intel i7 4770K (Haswell, 4C/8T) Asus Z87-PLUS (running UEFI BIOS 1504, released Oct 2013) 16gb (2x4gb) Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600mhz
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