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  1. Hi Fiery and thanks for the quick answer. Yesterday I only restarted the program to see if anything changes(which it didn't), today after restarting my pc, I now have all the missing GPU1 Voltage Sensors ... so, problem solved i guess Great program btw.
  2. Hi, I'm using an AMD 7990 and it seems like there are a few sensor items missing. Before I go on, GPU sensor/fan support, Multi-GPU support and Wake GPUs up are all checked under the stability tab. Furthermore I disabled ULPS via Msi Afterburner. I'm building a Sensor Panel and I noticed that under Voltage Values I'm only getting Vcc, Memory, VRM and +12V for GPU2 and nothing for GPU1. All i get for GPU1 is the core voltage. Under Current Values and Power Values all i get is GPU2 Memory and GPU2 VRM (Amps. and Wattage respectivley). Are these values really for GPU2 only or are
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