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  1. I also have the aforementioned problem for about 6-7 months now. I am in contact with Gigabyte for the last 6 months, and they apparently do not forward anything to you about the problem. I just did a clean Windows 10 reinstall yesterday, just to be sure, and I can say that the problem persists for sure with all AGE versions from 1.0 (including the beta) to 1.31 (current version). The problem is not only with the LEDs control, but also with the Fan Stop (also fan start) function of the GPU. My GPU is Aorus 1080Ti eXtreme and my motherboard is Aorus X299 Gaming 9 (Gigabyte's current top models). When AIDA64 is working, no matter if it's from boot up or if it's manually started later, the user loses the ability to control the LEDs both on the GPU and on the motherboard. After AIDA64 gets started at least once after boot, the GPU loses control of its fans, if AGE is not started. I'll explain this in detail: 1. Windows starts, AIDA64 is not loaded automatically, AGE is not loaded automatically, result is - user can control LEDs on both GPU and MB with Gigabyte RGB Fusion software and Fan Stop of the GPU is working automatically as it should 2. Windows starts, AIDA64 is not loaded automatically, AGE is loaded, result is the same as 1. 3. Windows starts, AIDA64 is loaded automatically, AGE is also loaded, result is - no LEDs control, Fan Stop on the GPU is working as it should 4. continuing from 3. we stop AIDA64 manually, AGE is still running, result is - still no LEDs control, Fan Stop still working as it should 5. continuing from 3. we stop AGE, AIDA64 is still running, result is - no LEDs control through RGB Fusion, Fan Stop is not working as it should anymore (explanation in 5a and 5b) 5a. while Fan Stop is active I run anything to load the GPU to 100%, result is - GPU goes to 91 degrees Celsius and starts throttling, GPU fans do not start at all at any point of the test 5b. while Fan Stop is not active (fans are working because GPU temperature is over 55 degrees Celsius, because anything is currently using the GPU), I stop the software that's loading the GPU, GPU temperature drops below the Fan Stop limit of 55 degrees Celsius, however the fans do not stop ever, if I then run AGE, Fan Stop activates immediately, but still no LEDs control whatsoever neither on GPU or MB. I hope this info helps you fix your software.
  2. Hello. Can I somehow see this in GB instead of %?
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