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  1. hello, here a test of my style, but i dont find the right style. perhaps someone had a idea?
  2. Hey rabbithole is it possible to share the background in RED?? or the psd file?
  3. Yeah and this is the Problem, without this ITS Not possible to create nice optical Panels.......
  4. Really? No way to customize the Arc gauge ? Why ? This ist really Bad
  5. how can i choose a own design for "arc gauges" under lcd, i use it with my tablet but i cant redesign the ARC GAUGES???
  6. Hello, i try to set up a LCD sensorpanel on my tablet, first it works but i had much problems, the first: I tried to make a Gauge, under sensorpanel it names "GAUGE" under LCD Panel it names "ARC Gauge ". and unter ARC GAuge i cant choose my own graphics for the Gauge........... Is it not possible?? THX
  7. okay i try, dont forget my native language is not english. okay, after using the Beta version i can change the effects of the leds in aorus graphics engine, this dont works with the normal version, but now this works. BUT the effect only works once, when i select it, then it stops. i contact gigabyte for the Problem, and they say this: Uninstall the current AORUS GRAPHICS ENGINE and third-party software such as AIDA64, reboot your system and reinstall the latest version of the AORUS GRAPHICS ENGINE version 1.30 utility from the product page, click her
  8. okay now he takes the effect change in the aorus app, but he one make it once time, then the effect hangs up
  9. i boot my pc with both in autostart "Aorus Graphic engine" & "AIDA64". i must enter my passwort for my windows7 then the leds works well it glows for example, then i enter my passwort and the glow stops and when i change the settings in "Aorus Graphic engine" it takes no matter.... i made no ones of my changes.....
  10. yeah it works, but after a restart my sensorpanel doesnt give me information from my graphics card....... when i activate it back in windows without a restart both programs works well........
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