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  1. I have the Bit Defender Antivirus Plus currently version. I do not have any external IPs being displayed anywhere in Aida 64. Bit Defender does seems to hang / the services stop running after about 10h - So i"m beginning to think it is related. I can't see how the two could possible be related either though.
  2. I'm receiving the same problem but on 2 discrete systems. One of them has a G19 keyboard but the other does not. Some further information: The system with the G19 has been running AIDA64 without any errors for over 2 years and this error only started recently. The only recent change that is causing me some suspicion is that I changed from Microsoft security essentials to Bit Defender antivirus - this is a common thread between both systems. However I believe I started seeing this error only several weeks after that change. I did have the "Asus ATKEX sensor support " mentioned earlier checked - and have disabled it (not sure if that was a recommendation or not) If I can provide additional information Please let me know.
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