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  1. Well i figured it out, the preferences menu was opening off screen (i have 3 monitors) i still havent found a way to find it or move it yet though but since this doesnt open a new 'window' according to windows i cannot alt tab to it to move it edit: i got it "alt+space" then i moved it sorry for all this confusion
  2. The computer / sensor page does output the temps correctly and i am also using the AIDA64 gadget. as for any other similar lockups i havent run into any just in the LCD menu and the sensor panel. I tried a reinstall and tried an older version (2.00) and they had the similar issue
  3. Hello, i have a Logitech g510 keyboard and i wanted to use the nice LCD feature. All is well but when i click the "new" button to add something to the screen AIDA64 just freezes, this problem also happens when i click 'new' to add another option to the sensor panel aswell. I have been browsing and i've seen that reinstalling the logitech software has helped people but i have tried that a few times with no prevail. What i mean by 'freezing' is when i click the 'new' button, i cant click anything else. i get the windows 'ding' and have to end the proccess in task manager to shut it down and re
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