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  1. Yes, that is what appears to have happened. Sorry to have bothered you. Thanks again. Paul
  2. Hi Fiery, I came across this post and decided to try the change. Was able to change MHz to GHz but the change from KB/s to Mbps or MB/s resulted in no data being displayed, just zero. I tried this in the Sensor Panel. Paul
  3. Thank you again Fiery, Build 4989 fixes the Fan speed issue. It is working nicely.
  4. Yes, it appears that an old version of KERNELD.X64 was located in the folder updated to build 4987. I re-updated from build 4983 and all is well. Thank you. Paul
  5. In AIDA64 Build 4987 beta - CPU temps, Fans, Volts missing with secure boot enabled (just enabled secure boot on this board first time). Build 4983 beta and 4975 beta are okay. All are okay with secure boot disabled. Gigabyte X299-WU8 motherboard running Windows 10 19H1 build 18362.53
  6. This dump is with the fan running at about 7200 RPM. AIDA64 does not display the fan at all. isasensordump2.txt
  7. Hi Fiery. Attached is the dump file your requested. The Fan is attached to SYS_FAN3 on the motherboard and AIDA64 displays it a Chassis #3. The file attached is under the condition that the fan is operating at an RPM below 6500, if fact about 5720 RPM. Do you need a dump when the fan is over 6500 and no fan RPM is displayed? isasensordump.txt
  8. I also checked and HWMonitor portable does see the fan. I am using AIDA64 build 5.99 4983
  9. Yes it is connected to the motherboard. I'm sorry, I should have provided those details. I am using a Gigabyte X299-WU8 with Windows 10 19H1 build 18362. Processor is Intel, i9-7920X.
  10. I have just installed a fan/heat sink for a Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe SSD and the fan has a maximum RPM of about 9000 RPM. It seems that AIDA64 doesn't see or display the fan if the RPM goes over about 6500 RPM. Is there a way to raise this limit? Thanks
  11. Thank you Fiery. This work-around has eliminated the freezing for me in my system.
  12. Thank you very much Fiery, the latest beta seems to have resolved the issue with the LSI 9211-8i IT controller. Paul
  13. I just wanted to add that I have been using Crystal Dew World's utility, CrystaldiskInfo 7.5.0, to get the SMART data from the disks connect to the LSI 9211-8i IT. Crystal Disk Info
  14. I understand and thank you. Paul
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