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  1. I have created the sensor panel I want, yet I can't see it where I need it. In iRacing, it does not stay on top. iRacing is running in 3D, is that the issue? I have keep sensor panel always on top checked...
  2. See thread link above, it appears to be a conflict with PlayClaw.
  3. Hello, I'm working on a brand new system, and have found that I lose video on stock clocks with GPU on only. I have posted information about it here: http://www.overclock...0#post_17350004 I have attached the same files here, I don't see anything that sticks out. Any pointers, or is there anything else I can enable in Aida64 to get a lead on the problem? hwlog_2012-05-28_20-10-30_log.htm hwlog_2012-05-28_20-10-30_stat.htm
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