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  1. Any updates? Anything you'd like me to test? I've see a few people with this issue posting on other threads in the past and I'm sure this can be fixed if Afterburner can see the data from RTSS then so should Aida 64. I don't know if this is affecting all UWQ games or just Minecraft, I could possibly buy another to test if you want.
  2. I have RTSS installed as part of Afterburner but in the past I've installed it stand alone, same issue. I have today just updated RTSS to version 7.3.1, issue is still the same. I usually run RTSS with Afterburner not running in the background. I have experienced similar issues in the past before but I was using FRAPS then and older version of RTSS. I haven't experienced another similar issue for some time now that wasn't resolved by restarting the game after changing settings. Right now Minecraft for Windows is the only game I know of causing the issue. Many other games RDR2, G
  3. MSI Afterburner 4.6.3 RivaTuner Statics Server 7.3.0 AIDA64 v6.32.5600 Both RTSS and MSI Afterburner can show FPS in Minecraft on in game overlay, only AIDA64 is set to 0 on my G19 keyboard. Aida64 works in most games even Minecraft Java, there was a render type it didn't work on in the past but that was fixed in a RTSS patch and I can't remember what it was maybe Vulkan or D3D12. Minecraft for Windows uses D3D12. I tried D3D12 in RDR2, both D3D12 and Vulkan work in RDR2 and show fine through Aida64 on my keyboard like most games. MSI Afterburner requires RTSS to displa
  4. Thank you so much, it works perfectly now You guys have a very good support team and I feel buying AIDA64 was the best money I ever spent.
  5. My point is I don't care to see temps below 30, I would like the min set to 30 but I would also not like the bar to go to full. This should be a separate option, otherwise what is the point of allowing us to set a min temperature if it also causes the bar to go to 100% if temp actually goes below the min? For me it's all about scale, to use the bar for the more relevant temps and not mostly the ones I don't care about. I would actually have the min temp higher if I could. Wouldn't it be simple to implement a check box, "keep bar at 100% if below min temp" or just "keep bar at 100%"? I'm
  6. I've been trying to reduce the range of the bars when using them on my G19 for better visibility. However when it drops below min temp the bar goes full instantly, I'd like it to stay on the far left min. I think some people might like the option for the bar to remain the full length, but could this be a separate option? GPU2 has a min temp of 30 but the bar is full. I would set the min temp higher but then I'd experience this issue more often.
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