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  1. hello! after the upgrade to version, there is still no "Current Capacity" in the SensorPanel list of items.
  2. Hello! I would like to add battery capacity to the sensorpanel, but did not find such an item in the list available. Could you add it?
  3. Fiery It's great! I did everything you said, but these values are still on my system registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64) SensorPanelWidth SensorPanelHeight SensorPanelPosX SensorPanelPosY I tried to add these values to the file aida64.reg.ini, but the program ignores them. Could you add these values too? In any case, thank you very much!
  4. Hello! Is it possible to move the contents of registry key HKCU\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64 to a file next to the program that it is completely portable? At the moment, when I run the program from removable media, it leaves the key on all systems where it was launched.
  5. It's great! Thank you very much! 38968 K (start value) 38960 K (after 11 hours of work)
  6. results: 38520 K (start value) 39228 K (after 15 h 35 min of work) 39688 K (start value) 53900 K (after 21 min of work) 38784 K (start value) 50256 K (after 18 min of work)
  7. Well, I need some time to test this. I downloaded and installed the latest beta version -> disabled in the settings all video memory logging -> restart aida -> 38520 K (start value)
  8. No, I do not have programs affecting the system security, such as antivirus, firewall, etc. I forgot to specify that my operating system is Windows XP 32 bits.
  9. Hello! After I updated to the latest stable version of the program (from 4.30 to 4.50), I noticed that started to increase memory consumption. Then I decided to download all of the intermediate beta and find the one from which it occurs. I got that problem of increasing memory usage starts with version 2954. Little report: 39996 K - it's normal (v4.30 after weeks continuous work) 38244 K - (v4.50 right after program start) 41568 K - (v4.50 after 1 h 09 min of work) 52808 K - (v4.50 after 3 h 15 min of work) 55900 K - (v4.50 after 4 h 22 min of work) 114456 K (v4.50 after 23 h 19 min of work) The maximum value that I've seen is about 200 MB. I hope this information helps you. My configuration file aida64.ini.zip
  10. After replacing the hard drive, I found that aida64 specifies the drives, not by their identifiers, but in numerical order. For example, I always connected 4 drive, periodically I connect another 2 drive. As I understand, the hard drives are sorted by name, not by number of sata ports. Is it possible not to rearrange the order of the hard drives after connecting additional HDDs?
  11. Fiery Nearly two days, none of those alert windows does not appear. Thank you, as always!
  12. Earlier for all parameters were chosen the actions "Shut down the computer", but after a few shutdowns, I changed all the settings to "Display an alert window".
  13. Fiery Battery Input/Output values are now normal. And Battery max value is still has 15 V limitation. My APC Smart-UPS 1000 contains two batteries in series. Current voltage (27.270 V) you can see in the picture in the first message on this topic. In my case the output voltage should not be below 20 V and above in 30 V.
  14. different every time , but basically these: Update Frequency and Alerting. additionally... aida does not remember the last viewed Preferences page. it would be nice if remembered.
  15. On Sensor page all OK (APC Smart-UPS 1000) but it's impossible to set desired values (20-30V for battery and 200-250V for UPS input/output) in Preferences -> Alerting -> New -> Battery, Battery Input and Battery Output there's 15V max.
  16. Could you add to the tray menu "Preferences" item? It's very usefull for me when program in SensorPanel mode. For clarity )
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