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  1. The Aquastream XT has its own sensors and is one of the most common used pump device. An Aquabus or Aquaero is not necessary, that pump could send its data directly to an Aquabus device or via USB to the Aquasuite Software. So I assume it should be easy to add it your existing Aquacomputer sensor implementation. Here are the features of that pump: Feature Standard Advanced Ultra Automatic frequency adjustment • • • Aquabus • • • Manual frequency setting
  2. Are there any plans to support the Aquastream XT or the AquaSuite? The suit already supports exporting sensor data (Shared Memory or XML file)
  3. Why won't use the data export feature of the software? AquaSuite (used for Aquastream XT and Aquaero) has an option to export a custom set of all available informations (XML and Shared Memory).
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