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  1. Would be possible to include an option to show "missing fans" in a future AIDA64 version then? So one can selectively disable the ones that are actually missing, and have it at 0 those that are "stopped".
  2. Try installing again AIDA64, then uninstalling it. The install will "replace" the current entries and when you uninstall it, they will be removed.
  3. VRM chip monitoring has been stellar on this board! (lol forgot to reply!) Now I come with another "detail" about this MB... DIMM positions are mislabeled! i.e. now I have memories installed in slot 1 & 2 (according to silkscreening on MB, they're in dual channel), but software reports they're on 2 & 4. Positioning on this MB is like this: (CPU) 4 2 3 1 (Yes, I'm still using the exactly same board) Using Aida64 5.98.4800 at this moment. PM if you would want me to test each slot individually to get their correct number... (according to MB silkscreen).
  4. Hello again. It's me, coming to annoy you for more sensor readings again! I've run HWiNFO v5.06 and noticed it shows Voltage Regulator temperatures, Currents and Powers. Also VR Vout and VR VIn but that's "a detail". Would be possible to add this info to AIDA64? Sensor is IRF IR3564B... In regards to your last reply, I'd say VR temperatures are important when overclocking/tuning... :wink:
  5. Hi Fiery Good to read that fans will get fixed for next release, just what I wanted to read. And yeah, I was new to Haswell so I didn't know the "odd" Vcore values of this processors when idling. Also, now that I've thought about it more, I understand that CPU is the temperature at the socket whereas CPU package is temperature on-die. My previous build (i3 560) only had "CPU" so this dual reading is new to me too. In regards to the unidentified readings, there's just one. Temp5 is totally bogus/unconnected sensor, since it shows 0 and 159 degrees, without any sort of logic, so it's quite easy to discard it. However Temp3 & 4 do show "proper" temperatures... actually now that I'm checking, temp3 is "CPU temp" (same values as in AIDA64). The only "missing" temperature is temp4, which is at 29º at idle now but goes up a little when CPU is at 100% (at 31 after a 3min 100% load). I wonder if this could be PWM's temperature... Installed Gigabyte's EasyTune to see the HW temps but all I get is overclocking options. UEFI doesn't show any special temperatures besides those that you already show in AIDA64... so it's just speculation for now. Maybe I'll remove the heatsink from the VRMs and see if the sensor temp rises heh... would this be a definite proof for you? Regards Steven
  6. Hello! I just upgraded my system to this board, ran AIDA64 on it... and saw a couple of quirks: A fan speed info is wrong... SYS_FAN1 shows up as "CPU OPT" when I have CPU_OPT unused. I would assume plugging a fan into CPU_OPT would make AIDA64 show it up under "Chassis #1"... but I haven't tested it. CPU_FAN and SYS_FAN2 show the proper values, didn't test SYS_FAN3. Vcore value is wrong. It says 0.060-0.384v at idle, CPU-Z reports it as 0.929-0.953v. However the value is correct (same as CPU-Z) if I check it on the "Overclock" tab. (I guess this is VID info) Memory temperature is missing (This shows up in HWINFO) Found the setting in Preferences... silly me. CPU temp is 23 degrees, when CPU package shows 31 and Cores are at 30/31 (maybe I only need to manually compensate?) Also, I see on HWINFO two temperature readings that are unidentified... is possible to add those, if whatever they're measuring is identified?
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