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  1. Works great Fiery, thank you very much I cant believe how quick you brought the feature out, with this you have helped make my alphalcd useful again I'm truly grateful. Thanks again
  2. That's awesome Fiery, thanks very much for the reply I look forward to the feature being added
  3. This is good news, I have an alphalcd and was about to post to find out if this could be done. glad it's going to be implemented, after creating 4 pages for display i was a little disappointed that it didnt automatically change between the pages. Edit. After installing the beta version in this post i noticed the gauges i created for the alpha lcd screen are not the same as the ones in the latest beta version build 3206, and also with build 3206 the pages dont seem to automatically switch can this be made to set the page intervals manually in a future build perhaps?
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