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  1. Cool guys. You got the flow sensor value in. It works like a charme. And the flickering of the aqua temps are gone. Nice one
  2. No rush guys. You´re awesome. Good things need time. God Job
  3. Hi Great release guys. I love it. There are just some small issues: - The value for the current of the pump is different as the aquasuite values. See attached screenshot #1, #3. Value for current in aquasuite: 0.63 A Value in Aida64: 0.56 A - All other values are matched. - The value for flow rate is missing in Aida64, but I think it will come within a next release. - I have an Aquaero pressure value in the sensor panel, but I dont have an Aquaero. See Screenshot #3 - bottom value. Good job so far guys Best Regards aquaerodump.txt
  4. Hi Fiery Testing is done, and I´ve made all your instructions. Regards McPolli
  5. I use the beta, but I don´t have an Aquero. How can I use those feature with my Hardware (Aquastream XT USB and MPS "High flow Sensor") wich are just connected with USB? My Aquasuite reads everything fine an is able to export sensordatas with xml-files or shared memory export. There is no option for an Aquero or something else. I like to have the flow and temp values on the LCD-panel of Aida64. The Device ID´s are: Aquastream XT USB: 0C70-F0B6 MPS: 0C70-F003
  6. Hi everyone I found this topic on my search for an integration of my AquaSuite sensor data into Aida64. Are there any plans to support my components in a future release. My System has an AquastreamXT pump and a MPS Flow/Temp sensor from Aqua Computer. I used LCDHost for my G19 before but now I prefer the Aida64 LCD support. Cheers McPolli
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