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  1. Hello! I have exact this problem right now. Bought Samsung SSD 980 Pro 1 TB. After OS and driver installation AIDA64 had information about drive and SMART tab worked fine until one day Samsung Magician promts to update SSD firmware to version 3B2QGXA7. I decided "why not?" and performed an update. And now nothing works. SMART tab full of zeroes for 980 Pro. Samsung Magician and every other monitoring programs that I tried working fine and detect all information about drive. I tried all checkboxes from Stability section of Preferences. Nothing changed. I attached all dumps from Status Bar --> Disk Debug menu. Hope it helps to understand what happened. Please, help! PS: Sorry for my English. I'am not native atadump.txt diskctrldump.txt hddsptidump.txt nvmedump.txt oddsptidump.txt physdrvdump.txt raiddump.txt smartdump.txt
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