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  1. Thanks Fiery..Quick response.Will Try it. OK I see the values under the SensorManager only as "Registry Value Str1" and "Registry Value DW1". Is this correct?
  2. Hi Fiery, Is this still the case for AIDA64 Business?? The ImportValues key does not exist under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\FinalWire\AIDA64". Is there something new to consider? Cheers.
  3. Thanks Fiery. I used Corsair Link software (v4) to help determine what's what. I can then dashboard the AX1200i. Then remove Corsair Link software (as its rubbish - when are they going to learn). Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Fiery, Understand the above. Is there no capture of fan speed and temps of the AX1200i that is similarly presented to he Corsair software? It would be great if the AIDA64 would present the actual device name and the outputs associated. Similar to the way AIDA64 does it with USB connected Power Management devices like an APC battery and PSU. (see attached) Thanks.
  5. I can not tell the difference when looking at the senors page when the "Corsair Link" sensor flag is on or off. I sent the dumps above. The Corsair dump suggests there's no device although the link before noted the Corsair USB Dongle. The USB PSU dump seems to suggest its getting readings from the PSU "ax1200ie". Thanks.
  6. Tried the Beta verison I seem to have issues. The Corsair software is not installed. The Corsair USB dongle is directly connected to a USB 2 port on the motherboard. The system can see the connection in 'Devices and Printers" as an Corsair AX1200i. TXT files attached. corsairlinkdump.txt usbpsudump.txt
  7. Hi Fiery, The options are not available under Business Edition. Is there a way to get the "Corsair Link" sensor support for Business edition? Monitoring a AX1200i Thanks.
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