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  1. They escalated the ticket to Tier 2 support, and here is their reply. I hope it helps you making an app for this keyboard, it looks much better than the g19 atleast wich in my opinions have a too small screen. Anyway, I'm waiting until it works on the keyboard before I buy it. Hey Patrik, We are working on many new apps for the SBUI and new ones are going to be released all the time. If you would like to look into developing your own apps, please visit: http://www.razerzone.com/press/detail/press-releases/razer-software-development-kit-for-switchblade-ui-now-available Best Regards, Sean M. Razer Support Tier II
  2. I got a reply, looks like they want you to register on their forums as a developer. Maybe you already did that before without success? Greetings, Thanks for contacting Razer Support, my name is Rev and I will be assisting you today. Thanks for your suggestion and we will update to our development team on this. Plus you can check on our forum for customize program. Below is the link : http://www.razerzone...e-ui/developers Thanks and have a nice day. Best Regards, Razer Support Team
  3. Oh I see, I'm going to ask them before buying that keyboard, I cant live without Aida64 running so I hope they will change their mind, otherwhise I'll have to keep looking for another keyboard with a builtin monitor.
  4. Hi there, I'm currently using a G19, but due to poor soldering wich made me replace my keyboard two times already within 5 months from the original purchase, I'm going to change keyboard to a Razer DeathStalker Ultimate instead, but I'm curious if there is any support for it's LCD-screen in Aida64? Or maybe there are some App for it already? Thanks!
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