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  1. Actually I could start Aida64 from the old windows folder and export the setting before the program crashed, but it would still be nice to know where the program stores the settings.
  2. Offtopic, but do you perhaps know where I can find the profile I used before, I got my WindowsOLD map still, can I find it in the user folder somewhere maybe?
  3. Thats what I did, I copied the Strike7API.dll to the Aida64 installation folder. Edit: Oh wait you said from the 32-bit folder, I'll try that now. Edit 2: Yep that solved it thanks.
  4. I downloaded the API but when I select Mad Catz Strike 7 from the LCD tab and check the box to activate Mad Catz Venom LCD it just says the following. Error: Cannot find DLL (Strike7API.dll) I​​ put the Strike7API.dll inside the following folder, wich was the default installtion folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme​ I've also downloaded the drivers and software for the keyboard, only had Windows 8 x64 drivers and software but they installed without any error. Could that be it or is there something else I've forgot to do to enable Aida64​ to write to the LCD?
  5. Ah alright thanks for clarifying that, guess I'll have to find the optimal setting for me once I have added all the objects I want to display.
  6. I noticed one thing, not sure if its related to your software or not though, but if I set the update frequence to 500ms and display a clock on the LCD it behaves kind of odd, the seconds sometimes change very fast after another change and sometimes it takes slightly longer than a second. I dont think the 500ms frequence really is 500ms, setting this to 1000ms makes it behave like normal.
  7. Oh cool, didnt expect this to be testable so soon. It works fine at my end atleast, I just wish I knew how to change the background to an image though. Edit: Nevermind I found it in the LCD-Objects.
  8. What? How am I discouraging the developer if I want to wait for the official support?
  9. Thats cool, but I rather wait for the official Aida64 support as it will let me choose from within Aida64 what to display and how to display it.
  10. After a very long time they actually did bend to the will of their customers, there is an SDK now!!
  11. Heya, Can you please add a hotkey to stop the System Stability Test, the mouse cursor locks up while running the test and if you move the mouse it takes some time to move it back to the stop button. Thanks!
  12. Hey, I'm curious if it is possible to get the Aquaero 5 unit to show some numbers from Aida64? They have some SDK here http://www.aquacomputer.de/software.html
  13. I would love this, cause then I could use an old phone sitting infront of me on a stand and let it display the Aida64 information. Best would be if it can send it directly over WiFi from the computer to the phone. Perhaps a web based solution would be the best, but I dont know how much development it would take for you to have Aida64 create a local website that all kinds of phones can view. I would like to think that it would be far easier to maintain compared to having apps for Android, IOS, Tablets etc.
  14. I just had another chat with the support over at Mad Catz/Cyborg Gaming, and I got bad news, they dont have any plans to release a SDK for this keyboard. I was told in December 2012 that they would release the SDK in early 2013, and now they dont have any plans for it, pretty bad move from them if you ask me. Anyone considering to buy this keyboard to use with Aida64, dont buy it, there are other keyboards with support for Aida64.
  15. After careful consideration I put an order on this Strike 7 keyboard, it just seems to be so much better quality. I'll just have to run Aida64 in the background until they released an SDK for it. I had the chance to mess around with a Razer Deathstalker Extreme (Starwards edition) and this Mad Catz Strike 7, from that experience I can tell that there is a world of difference, the Razer's keyboard got flat keys that didnt feel good to type with at all, and sure the Strike 7 doesnt have mechanical keys but they are still better than the ones in my current G19.
  16. Ofcourse it's not your responsibility, it was not directed towards Aida64 in any way, the text was targeted against Cyborg, sorry if I wasnt very clear. I'll edit my post so it better reflects that it is Cyborg support wich is slow, especially when you consider the price on their products, that keyboard costs $299 USD, wich I think should include a premium support. They gave me a reply today, after 5 days. I dont own their keyboard either but I still would like them to release the SDK because it looks like a pretty cool keyboard, I did put some fire under them though and got a reply that they will release a SDK in the beginning of 2013. This is from Cyborg support: At the moment we do not have a SDK for the public. We will have one ready at the beginning of next year as soon as we have a clear vision of what will be implemented in the keyboard.
  17. I created a support ticket "at Cyborg support" December 14, still no response so I'm not so sure about this company. You (Cyborg) can't run a business selling premium products without giving support every day of the week, atleast not if you want to be successful. Edit: I wasnt really clear about who the target was, sorry. My native Language is Swedish so sometimes I might write things expecting people to understand what I mean, wich aint easy I know.
  18. Actually I'm going to try the latest version wich you are using now and come back here after. Update: Installed 8.40.83 Using Windows 8 Pro x64, up to date, and latest version of Aida64 Extreme Edition, I dont get your error so perhaps you need to re-install the software again.
  19. I'm using 8.35.18 with Windows 8 Pro x64, haven't had any issues so far. Maybe you could try to install that one or revert yours back to that one?
  20. How did it go with the SDK for this keyboard? Maybe we need to be on them more about it, every developer has to understand that releasing an SDK will increase the chances people buys their products, and they can get many ideas for improvements in the next version of the product from the modding community.
  21. Oh, that sounds interesting, gotta look at something like this for myself, just had a nasty diskcrash and this is a solution that would have speeded up the recovery time, couldnt run memtest from the windows dvd because I was using Raid mode, it somehow thought the dvd was a hdd.
  22. Just curious, why do you use Windows PE?
  23. Oh sweet, time to throw away the G19 soon then. This is why I bought Aida64, first class support.
  24. I'm crossing my fingers and pray for a positive result, thanks!
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