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  1. Thanks! Now both devices are visible. Excellent work!
  2. Aida64 detects both device (it is visible in aquaerodump aquaero4+mps.txt), but shows only these aquaero in "sensors". Aquabus connection not supported for aquaero4 and mps flow 200
  3. Hi. I use aquaero 4 and mps flow 200. Both are connected through USB to the motherboard. When aquaero and mps are connected both, in aida64 sensors only these aquaero are displayed. If to disconnect aquaero and to leave to mps connected to USB only, in aida64 these mps are displayed. Thanks for high-quality work! aquaerodump aquaero4.txt aquaerodump mps.txt aquaerodump aquaero4+mps.txt
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