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  1. Thanks for replying Fiery. I did briefly try using an old Ipod touch but couldn't connect to the IP address. Ideally I would like a display big enough to show a number of sensors at the same time, that's why the photo frame option seems an ideal solution. I would love to purchase a Samsung 800P but they seem impossible to track down in the UK. I'll keep looking. Final question, I was considering a Yocto Display, as an alternative. Have you tested these displays and is it possible to have multiple pages as I'm not sure how much data could be displayed on the small screens
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. I have tried changing the quality to 50 %, I still only get a display for 5 seconds. Your reply does contradict the first post in this topic stating support for Samsung SPF frames in particular the model I managed to track down. Maybe this should be edited as I'm the second person to indicate problems with the SPF87H. It now looks like I have to find an alternate display, can anyone recommend a USB display device that works ? At the moment this is a disappointing outcome.
  3. I have a Samsung SPF87H frame that also only works for approximately 5 seconds. I'm running a clean install of Windows 8.1, with a registered copy of Aida 64 and the Samsung SPF drivers downloaded from this site. Can you help get me running for more than 5 seconds? :-)
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