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  1. I apply KB3033929, now build 3249 works fine. Thank you.
  2. In my SPF-107 build 3235 several weeks works without any issues. Thank you. But in build 3249 I don't found CPU temperature, GPU temperature & usage, +5/+12 voltage.
  3. To all users of SPFs: I found the way how to control SPF brightness. I found the way how to switch back to storage mode after AIDA exit (however developer already knew it). I send this to developer, but create these options only for my person would be strange, so vote here whether it's someone else.
  4. In example anti-aliasing is present: g.SmoothingMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.SmoothingMode.AntiAlias; As for the rest, it is possible to find a reasonable compromise. - Clock without "second" needle will be useful too : - meaning that analog clock is graphical - no need to think about digits. So "minute" & "hour" needles may be rotated one time in 15...60 sec. - To avoid problems with dial copyright, we can create 2-3 own basic dials (with AIDA logo). User can make own one. - Sizes of dials may be only 3 - as in gauge.
  5. It's not needed really very nice. Simplified version will be enough. I make needles as white boxes (3 pixels hour, 2 pix - minute & 1 pix - second) with 1 pixel black contour (to be viewed well on different dials). In C# it looks so: Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(bmp); //Smoothing g.SmoothingMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.SmoothingMode.AntiAlias; //Here we get current time DateTime _time = new DateTime(); _time = DateTime.Now; //Pens Pen hourPen = new Pen(Color.Azure, 4); Pen
  6. Are you planning to add text presentation of "month" and "day of week" in LCD Items? Analog clock will be also nice.
  7. In this build I can't found "Swap Space Utilization".
  8. Still the same. SPF-107H periodically (1...6 hours) goes to storage with this message: LOW Disk space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before update remove some files from disk. To make it back to work needed to restart frame. After that AIDA recognize it, but screen looks garbage. Needs to restart program or goes to Preferences\LCD\LCD Items - here (after reload sensors) screen goes good. This applies to the latest version. On early versions this not happens.
  9. After ~2 hours my SPF-107H switch to storage mode with this text on frame's screen: LOW Disk space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before update remove some files from disk.
  10. Thank you, now it works. For all 4 orientation will be enough 2 checkboxes: Landscape/Portrait & 0°/180°.
  11. For SPF-107H is better to rotate 90° right. The design of emphasis-leg does not give the ability to rotate the frame at 180°. And it's better, when buttons is on top - user can operate them: On v5.20.3445 it works good, but now not. No matter of keep-alive option enabled or disabled.
  12. On SPF-107H portrait mode is "upside down" - emphasis-leg at top, buttons at bottom. And it works only 2-3 seconds again.
  13. My mistake - correct name of command is "Function Vendor_Device". This command sending by "Frame manager" to 0 point. I try to do it from custom application and get good result - USB connection is stable. Also I try to increase frame update time to 500ms. Now "Function Vendor_Device" (two zero bytes to 0 point) and frames (packets to point â„–2) sending from one timer - 500ms. USB connection is stable and pictures shows correct.
  14. I try both: LibUsb driver from post #38 and Original Samsung. The same result.
  15. No changes - update frequency return to 500 even be set 100. I use logger for original USB-transfer and found this: - packets sending every 82ms (i.e. frame frequency is 12Hz), - every 500ms there are "Device Vendor_Device" command - two zero bytes. Here log in format Simple USB Logger http://rusfolder.com/43725862
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