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  1. WOW! Can you please share your config file? Huge trekkie fan here.
  2. I did a terminal version of my previous layout with some alterations. Let me know what you think! heberger une image
  3. There is one thing I noticed though. your GPU Clock label is really close to the value, won't it overlap when it goes in the 100's +? Still, I can't say enough how awesome the theme is.
  4. Talk about successfully reproducing a theme, looks amazing! Get those fonts that Mikanoshi linked to! I'd love to see the results. Cheers!
  5. So my monster machine AKA 'The Red Kraken' has died once again, due to H240X pump failure. I'm rebuilding the system from scratch and dubbing it 'The Black Hydra'. I started working on a new Sensor Panel with a similar layout, but with an oldschool 'Terminal' look. Black and various shades of grey and white are used. And all fonts are Terminal. Might give some old geezers like me some little flashbacks. Once It's finished I'll post it up here for others to enjoy. If any at all!
  6. Yeah, that one you linked is a bit more colorful, but still 'so much white'. I despise white... D: Oh, I can't disagree with you on the fact the colors look unnatural. I'm a bit fan of oldschool games so I guess the very bright saturated colors tug on my heart strings? Before going for dark red as the main color, I was thinking of doing a 'retro wave' inspired color scheme, hot pinks, bright blues, dark purples, etc. But that would have probably made you have a seizure, so it's probably better i went for this dark red theme.
  7. See I'm not a big fan of pastel colors, let alone the lack of contrast. Although your panel is using hints of colors it looks like white unless you stare at it. I get your point that using more toned down colors can help make it more pleasant on the eye, but I think you went to the extreme. I had seen your panel in the previous pages, and before now I thought it was pure white. Thanks for the design suggestions, but I'm too colorful to go down the pastel road. Here is the latest look of my panel, hopefully it will not make your eyes bleed. hebergeur image
  8. Ok, so after listening to all of feedback from friends I toned down the colors a bit, it was a bit xmas tree like at some instances. Description of Layout per 'box' #PC Name, Time, Date, up-time External & Internal IP #PC Avatar #Per Core Breakdown; *Each of the columns, which are labelled in roman numerals, represent 1 core. *Each core has both of it's thread (2 top bars) *The orange graph is to track temps when they go over 60 (60 seconds) *The per core clock speed is displayed within bar for the per core temps. #Storage & Network; * This just lists the fr
  9. There should be some kind of warning when you open the Sensor Panel for the first time, something akin to "If you have OCD attempting to use this program may lead to countless hours of tinkering." I think I'm good now, but there is always something that I see in someone elses panel, or a convenience modification/layout I want to do. It's insane. But I LOVE IT! I was curious, in order to finally only have 1 panel open instead of 4 apps, there is one thing I can't seem to be able to find in the sensor options. I see there is disk utilizaiton, but that is in terms of disk space. Is there a w
  10. Uhm, pardon my noobness, but is there a way to output the sensor panel to an android device!? I'm noticing some android looking icons on top of your panels (I might be mistaken...) I have a Note 3 & a very dusty S3 that I'm not using, would be amazing to turn it into a small LCD display for sensor panel.
  11. Howdy there, wasn't actually aware that AIDA64 had this amazing customizable Sensor Panel! Love some of the creations here, thought I might as well register to share my own! Quick question to fellow monitoring enthusiasts , Is there a way to see the load of the uncore/cache ? I track it's clock rate but I'm curious as to how busy it is in general during various tasks. Let me know! Medieval Nerd Red Krakken V14 (Dropbox Sensor Export) The purple bars below the CPU core temps are is the thread utilizaiton. I'm finding this extremely helpful when fiddling with overclock and checking
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