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  1. This is the best place I found so far to get templates for the G19. Link. I originally did this. But did wanted something better and eventually came up with this.
  2. That is exactly what I am looking for. While not as simple as a click of a button that was a lot better than having to do it all over again. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi, I made a page for my LCD and decided I would like to try something different. So I started making something on page 2. I really like what I did the second time around better than the first. The only problem is on boot the LCD defaults to page 1 and I see no way to switch their locations. I tried going into the configuration settings and switching the location of the entries, either that does not work or I did it incorrectly. I also tried to export - import, but that seems to do all pages not individual pages. Page 1 Page 2 Worst case scenario I will just have to switch to page 2 after every boot, but it would be great to not have to. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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