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  1. That‘s quickï¼Xiaomi CPU info is corrected now, Thank you. Do you have any plan to add more features to AIDA64 than just fulfill the database from varies kind of windows phones? By the way, can I have a email on AIDA64 UWP working machanism ?
  2. The New Windows Phone is XiaoMi Mi4,MS decided to include Mi4 in the Insider Program in China exclusively as Joe Belfiore mentioned on twitter before. I have already send the feedback email as j*****@ubfusion.com, Lumia 920 is on 10581 too, and please notice that Samsung ATIV S GT-i8750 also have the 8260A CPU. I'd like to know how AIDA64 actually works, do you have any public documentation on that ?
  3. Crush when select "Windows" or "Send email" on my Lumia 920
  4. Last time I reported the RM-822 CPU Recognition problem, and now I have the same problem with another one, as the picture shows , the model have been detected as 8974PRO but still says UNKNOWN, in fact you can just says it's 801
  5. It is RM-822, MS chose 8260A instead of 8960 for Lumia 920 in China and Vietnam markets.
  6. I see you've changed your mind in AIDA64, now the email do have a report attachment.
  7. MS just released a new build of WP10, and I tested it with AIDA64 ver. The CPU model is not correct, my Lumia 920 uses MSM8260A instead of MSM8960 and the send buttom will not auto fill the reciever address , but the Submit report link on the About page can,and the mail the app creates now have a .txt attachment. can you fix this? By the way, MS have a app called Field Medic, which can monitor and gather much more info about the phone. Can AIDA64 do the same?
  8. Microsoft Released another WP10 Build:10.0.10149.0 today, and I upgraded my phone. As usual, I opened AIDA64 to send a feedback via email, but I ended up with this(like the screenshot below). The receiver is missing(though I can fill in it manually), the feedback content is shortened, etc. I wonder if it is caused by the unfinished OS , or you can improve the feedback mechanism in the next version! Please tell me what to do if I want to help to give you all the feedback information that you need. Maybe not directly put all the feedback in email but by generating an .zip file and send as a attachment?
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! I heard that there is going to be a Universal Windows Platform(UWP) version for AIDA64 that can run on all Windows 10 platforms, If it 's true, can you tell me more about it? Since Microsoft annouced that Windows 10 phone apps can be migrited from Android or iOS, will that help you make progress in Windows Phone project?
  10. First of all, I want to thank you for building such a wonderful tool on Windows Phone. AIDA64 is one my favoriat hardware detection tools on Windows PC, I'm thrilled that it's now on Windows Phone as well. The version on my phone is On System page, I hope the storage info can be more specific, I wonder if you can add these info as follows: which class (Class 10 or U-1)? what type (eMMC5.0)? what kind of chip (TLC or MLC)? Manufacture(Intel Samsung)? etc, On CPU (GPU)Page, As we all know, Windows Phones are all based on Qualcomm SOC so far, I think it's not too difficult to add a build-in benchmark to this page,as well as a ranking system, I always want to knows how my 2yr old flagship phone still holds its place among newer gen CPUs. Thus, it can help me decide to buy a new phone or holding on the current one. (Plus, an OC buttom,maybe?) On Network Page, The Current version has only 2 Blocks, CoreSystem & Wi-Fi it bothers me that I have to lookup the Qualcomm database to find out which network my phone support at least you can show me if my phone is GSM/WCDMA/FDD-LTE(better with Band details) enabled or not. On Battery Page, Charging cycles counts, Health indecator,Manufacture,etc I want to knows my battery is healthy or not. It should remind me to by an replacement if the battery poorly functions. Really hope to see more changes in the next build! Love you guys!
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