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  1. difficulty level: find this stuff in germany the "picoLCD-4x20-sideshow" looks very much like something i would go for (nice case, has buttons too), but i can't find any sign of its existence over here. AlphaCool seems like the best worst option... and it looks like they are still selling it in germany (yay?). http://www.atelco.de/Display/216360/Alphacool+LCD-Display+240x128+Pixel+Blau+neg.+silber.article plus external "kit": http://www.atelco.de/Display/216363/Alphacool+LCD-Display+externe+Halterung+schwarz+%28Bausatz%29.article but 100€ for the whole package incl. shipping... wow mama! ...i guess i could just as well go for a cheap no name Android from ebay for half the price and higher res instead... like this or that ...oh boy, i guess i'm gonna fool around a bit more with my Tablet then.
  2. Well i got the LCD from the Logitech G15 and that does fine for me... anything close to that will do i guess fast updates are a good thing (one or two times per second). USB port, my mainboard does not have a parallel port anymore. it should be backlit so i can see it in the dark. and it should go on the desk, so a nice housing/stand would be nice. actually with a Cat in the house it would be a good idea to have no electric parts exposed. -> PICTURE i just want to throw the Aida64 stats on it so i don't require any big Software clutter to deal with beyond installing the driver really (on the G15 display i just got the default clock, FRAPS and my Aida64 custom layout... and AIDA can readout the FRAPS numbers too). color isn't important, monochrome is fine, but just in case i prefer blue... oh and i plan on updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 soon-ish... i don't know what the word is on driver compatibility. thx for the help. will look into that pdf now
  3. because i'm looking at this and i got no idea what any of this is. I'm looking to replace my oldschool Logitech G15 with a Corsair K95 mechanical keyboard, but i would lose the LCD display... seems i need an alternative. i tried the Android stuff, but i only got one Android Tablet and i don't want to kill its battery life for this, i need a dedicated display.
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