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  1. Please set the "Panel Postion" within the Aida 64 OdoSpace settings to 0. It defines the position within the Android App tabs.
  2. Hi Fiery, is it possible to set the computername for the HTML title? Best regards Odo
  3. Hi Gekido, the RemotePanel app uses the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) that may cause the problem. Try to install another ADB version. Best regards
  4. The setting "Panel Position" within Aida64 (look at the image 4 posts above) specifies the tab position within the Android app. So you can use one App to display Aida64 pages from different PCs. For example: PC1 with Android Device: IP-Address:, Panel Position: 0 PC2: IP-Address: "Address of PC1", Panel Position: 1
  5. Hi, if the mentioned USB driver does not work, try to install Samsung SideSync http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/app/sidesync.
  6. Hi Gekido, can you tell me which part crashes (Android or Windows Prog)? And what you understand about a "crash". Are you familiar with C++, C# and Android programming? Best regards
  7. Description to boot on USB power on for Nexus 7 (2012) added. See first chapter. Best regards Odo
  8. Hi, it crashes on one of my Windows 10 PCs also if returned from standby. However currently I have not enough spare time to search for the problem. But if you are familiar with C programming, i can send you the source code for problem determination. Best regards
  9. I looked into the JDownloader forum, it seems the API is still maintained because it is the same as for the My.JDownloader API site. But there will never be an official DLL
  10. Version 1.15 available - Fullscreen mode (long press for settings) - RemotePanel (for windows) version 1.15: Verbose mode for better problem handling, fixes a rare ADB hang when multiple PCs are connected to one android device.
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