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  1. Hi, it would be great to display the currently used profile of the ClockTuner for Ryzen https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/clocktuner-2-1-for-ryzen-(ctr)-guide,1.html as a sensor value. Best regards Odo
  2. Hi, during Cache and Memory Benchmark, my new PC reboots alway before the memory read performance is displayed. All BIOS Settings were left on the default settings, and the Ryzen Master is not installed. I have the following compontents: - Windows 10 - ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO - AMD 5950x - 4x8GB G.Skill TridentZ Neo (F4-3800C14D-16GTZN), 3800Mhz, CL14, 1.5V I would be very grateful if someone could give me a tip on what i could try to get to the bottom of the problem. Best regards Odo
  3. Somewhere on the screen. Uncheck "Enable Odospace LCD support, then you can change the resolution.
  4. The client app only works for Android, maybe you can install Android on Rasperry. I found this (without warranty): https://konstakang.com/devices/rpi4/LineageOS18/
  5. To stop the Windows program from loading on startup, simply use the Autostart page in the Windows 10 settings.
  6. If using WiFi, set the network IP address to the address of your wireless tablet! If using WiFi you can remove the OdoSpace windows program from autostart, it is only required for USB connection. However, OdoSpace for windows must be still installed.
  7. Hi, please post your great panels here: As this topic is for comments related to OdoSpace remote only. Thank you and best regards Odo
  8. Phuu, working 6 hours on the problem.... Try the beta version http://apps.odospace.com/RemotePanelSetup16a.exe, and please inform me if it works. Question again: Does any one knows an android device running without a battery?
  9. There is no relevant difference. Try to increase "Update Frequency" for LCD within Aida64 preferences. A question on my own: Does any one knows an android device running without a battery?
  10. Please set the "Panel Postion" within the Aida 64 OdoSpace settings to 0. It defines the position within the Android App tabs.
  11. Hi Fiery, is it possible to set the computername for the HTML title? Best regards Odo
  12. Hi Gekido, the RemotePanel app uses the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) that may cause the problem. Try to install another ADB version. Best regards
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