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  1. Not sure I have this one around anymore but here's what I got: It's the vertical version of my current panel Dsp21 Panel Final Vertical.psd 2021-09-06 V.oslcd
  2. Been using this one at the moment with my little tablet, a lot of inspiration from other screens I have seen, hopefully I'll keep improving this little guy!
  3. This is looking so great! I'd like a copy please, your gauges are literally the best contact: diogopenha21@gmail.com
  4. Not exactly Sensor Panel related but since I have been searching for some really nice icons for my panel, I couldn't find one for the RTX3070, so I have created a RTX3070 icon if anyone wants to use one, I really like the "S" design of the card so I thought of making it as a simple white-line icon to use on panels. I'm not an expert with Illustrator but it was enough to make these simple designs, if anyone wants to improve them feel free to! Here you go There's some slight differences on each version, so you can freely choose the design you like the most, I know the PCI slot part is pretty terrible but when resized I think it will be fine! Dsp21 RTX3070 Icons.aiDsp21 RTX3070 White Icons.zip
  5. Thank you! That's a really cool trick, here's a new version with shadows DoomPanel Dsp21 2021-08-31.oslcd
  6. DooM.ttf 2021-08-26 DoomPanel 1024x600.oslcd
  7. This option does not appear on my end, which is odd, I can add it to static labels though. I'll look into it later on, might be a bug or something.
  8. Thank you, I'll search it up!
  9. My new Wip! It's turning out amazing on my little tablet, Doomguy is animated and changes his face almost each second haha, I intend on adding more fake gauges to create a dynamic theme. I'll share it once it's complete Is it possible to use Shadow on the Simple sensor items?? It would look way better.
  10. Had this thought for a panel of using the motherboard as the center piece, the heart of the PC, but I feel like it's not coming out as I'd imagine so I'm still testing new ideas and what not, any suggestions would be awesome to improve this one! Thank you!
  11. All sensor panels shared on this thread are now archived! Please read the original post for more information. I am not claiming the names on the files as panels created by these people, just who posted them, if you feel like your work is being misused or you don't want it shared, please let me know and I'll make another file! Contains approximately 500 Sensor panels! Most with the required fonts included in zip files, etc Mega Link: https://mega.nz/file/w9kCUTKa Decryption key: OtQpHJQ-KDI56yNk7V-kdVWs685PerOWKOIFpqjuC7c Thank you everyone for all the edits and your hard work, I saw so many awesome design while browsing the forums, everyone is just super talented. Enjoy! EDIT1: New WIP, organizing the HBars, VBars and Gauges to quickly find one with the size you're looking for, starting to look like something useful!
  12. Ever since this was suggested, I started to work on it, but it's a gargantuan task and it takes a lot of time, I'm down to page 51 at the moment. Will keep going slowly, every poster is credited in the name file, only panels with an image attached are added, some weren't available anymore, I hope this helps newcomers when looking for assets to use! This is just to collect all the work shared, my intent is only to help and not to profit of anything, if anyone doesn't want their panel on this compilation you can let me now, I respectfully won't add it. Cheers! Contains all sensor panels shared on the forum until January 2021: https://mega.nz/file/g4lyia5K Unlock key: YROgQxGM0JiZ8sDytUGQ8yyfD2EOedfYMFmyVXSD4d8 Happy monitoring! EDIT: Now caught up to page 100! Will sort out an updated file soon EDIT2: Caught up to this post!!!
  13. This actually, it would be really nice! Maybe a simple shared dropbox address where everyone could upload their stuff
  14. I don't have that design anymore but I made a quick one kind of like it, here you go: Also please try to write in English, that's the least you can do I think 2021-08-14720pPanel.sensorpanel
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