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  1. This was previously reported by another user but I saw that the thread went dead. I want to report that with Odospace enabled, When the computer enters sleep or hibernation Aida quits and doesn't resume. This is not the case if Odospace support is disabled.
  2. I elaborated more in this thread. Thanks for the response
  3. Can this be fixed or adjusted? So that it stays on the desktop. (Similar to Rainmeter, which has an option to set any widget displayed on the desktop) ...................................................... Also Aida quits when the PC goes into Hybrid Sleep mode and you have to restart the program everytime. Can this be fixed in the next update? Thanks for the responses, I know its a difficult time globally
  4. I think this bug occurs because aida has been installed as a portable program and not had its values written to the windows registry
  5. I think this bug occurs because aida has been installed as a portable installation and not had a registry value installed in windows
  6. Hi, the prevent sensor panel from being minimized is not working. It only works if we select to "keep the sensor panel on top other windows" option. Aida64 Engineer version
  7. Hi can you Prevent OSD from being minimized just like the Sensor Panel? Thanks. (I was looking for duplicate posts of this but didnt see any, in case someone suggested it already)
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