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  1. Amazing. Any chance I can get the background with just the black backdrop that is in the shape of a barbell? I don't care for all the extraneous lines above and below. Many thanks!
  2. Any chance I can get that background? I need it in 1080x500.
  3. I'd like that background. Any chance of a link to that? Preferably 1280x800?
  4. Any way to display outdoor weather on the sensor panel?
  5. I incorporated leveldog's design into my screen. However, I think I prefer the gauge color states in reverse order - light blue, medium blue, burnt orange, to dark orange vs the other way around as it now. For the life of me I can't seem to flip the color pattern as I'm not very photoshop/color manipulatively inclined. I tried a few online tools but would be great if someone that's proficient can help. This is what I need - for one gauge set 1, I was able to make 3 of the 15 color states - 0,1, and 15 but can't seem to get the tools to make the remaining. Can someone help fill out states 2-13 of gauge 1 and replicate the same color pattern and sequence for gauge set 2. Also, for gauge set 2, there are some strange black dashes under the columns, can those be deleted altogether as I don't understand what they add? Many thanks in advance! 3 states gauges 1.7z gauges 2.7z
  6. Gigabyte Aorus Pro 390 i7-9700k (OC'd to 5ghz) EVGA 2080ti FTW3 W10 Pro 1909 CPU & GPU both watercooled Just Aida
  7. So I'm finding that when I resume my computer (either from sleep or hibernate), Aida shows in the notification area but doesn't actually work. And when I click the notification are up arrow a second time, Aida just exits. This is causing my sensor panel to not work. Win 10 latest build. Running latest version of A64.
  8. I'd love to get those temp bars on the left
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