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  1. Sorry. It is the z370 Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard. Thank you for your help. Odospace is causing the crash. I moved the topic this post:
  2. When my system wakes from sleep odospace dll causes Aida to crash. I am running the latest V1.16 with ADB version 32 and ADIA64 version 5.97.4600. I am connecting via wi/fi to a Polaroid A7. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Everything works and connects automatically when I first boot my PC as well as when I manually restart AIDA after waking from sleep.
  3. When my system resumes after sleep mode Aida is shut down. This happens even when my CPU/GPU are at stock clocks/voltages. I also tried different sleep modes, hybrid and hibernate. I am running a Gigabyte G7 with an I5-8600k, GTX 1060, Samsung SSD and 16GB of G Skill Aegis F4-2400 RAM. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. This is set up for my triple 1080 monitors, I put black lines where my screens split so you can see how it lays out. I edited the pictures to match my system: FX6300 CPU, AMD R7 GPU and Corsair Vengeance RAM. All you need to do is find a picture online shrink it to about 250x250ish pixels and black anything out that you want to be clear. The OSD is setup with no background and is using the background from the SensorPanel. 2016-05-05.sensorpanel This is my second setup. I added a little 3d graphics and did away with the OSD. And I think I finished with this: The .sensorpanel file for this one is 1.40 MB and it will not allow me to upload compresses files.
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