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  1. Hi, Aida64 now provides support for the Odospace Remote Panel app: Reuse your old android device to display sensor values of a Windows PC. A WiFi connection is not (!) required, Remote Panel works even when the device is connected to the PC via USB only. However, an SDK for Remote Panel is provided also. Sensor values are provided by the industry-leading system information tool Aida64 which must be purchased separately. Please note that Remote Panel is not affiliated with Aida64 or FinalWire in any way shape or form and no support can be provided by the Aida64 team for this app. Requirements - Aida64 version 5.20.3414 or heigher must be installed on the Windows PC. - Remote Panel (for Windows) version 1.16 must be installed and running, it can be downloaded with the following link http://apps.odospace.com/RemotePanelSetup.exe - Microsoft .Net framework 4.5 must be installed on the Windows PC. This will be done during the installation of Remote Panel (for Windows). - The android device vendor's drivers must be installed on the Windows PC. - USB debugging must be enabled on the android device. This is described in detail here. Enable Aiada64 plugIn - After installation of Remote Panel (for Windows) Aida64 must be restarted. - Within Aida64 open the preferences page, navigate to LCD and enable "Odospace". Add items within the LCD items page. Settings - A long press within the view opens the settings dialog. Troubleshooting - In general the settings dialog of Remote Panel (for Windows) can be opened from the popup menu of its tray icon. - Remote Panel (for Windows) uses port 38000 and 38001 for local communication, if you experience problems because another PC program is using one of this ports, change the port number within the Remote Panel (for Windows) settings dialog and within the Aida64 Odospace LCD plugin. - Remote Panel (for Windows) uses the Android Debug Bridge (adb.exe) for communication. If you experience problems with other Android synchronization programs, try to use another adb.exe file - it can be changed within the settings dialog of Remote Panel (for Windows). - On default, Remote Panel (for Windows) checks every 30 seconds for new devices, decrease this value within the settings for faster device recognition, increase this value for less CPU usage. Alternative usage - If an additional PC should send its sensor values to the android device, set the IP address within the Aida64 Odospace LCD plugin to the address of the PC where the android device is connected. For every PC specify a different panel position parameter. Remote Panel (for Windows) must be installed on every PC, however the Remote Panel (for Windows) executable must only be started on the PC where the Android device is connected. - Remote Panel can be used within a WiFi network also, in such case set the IP address within the Aida64 Odospace PlugIn to the device's address. The port must be set to 38000. The Remote Panel (for Windows) executable can be stopped in this case. Advanced topics - To automatically start Remote Panel you can use AutoStart. - To power off the device on PC shut down you can use AutomateIt Pro - use the USB disconnect trigger. - If the device battery discharge even connected via USB, try to set the CPU speed to a lower level. For example you can use Tickster MOD. - To power on the device on PC startup the device firmware must be modified (follow this AT YOUR OWN RISK, tested with Cyanogenmod 10.2 on LG P760/P880 and may not work with all devices): General 1. Download the device firmware - it can be the original or custom ROM. 2. Use Boot/Recovery Repacker to extract the boot.img file of the downloaded ROM. 3. Within the file init.rc, in the section beginning with "on charger" replace the string "class_start charger" with "trigger boot" or "trigger late-init". Ensure that your editor writes the file in UNIX format. 4. Use the repacker to compress the boot.img file. 5. Apply the new firmware. Nexus 7 (2012) 1. Boot in fastboot mode 2. Issue the following command within a command prompt: "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0" Version 1.14 - Now sensor data of multiple PCs can be displayed on one android device - The android device can be connected to any PC (not only to the PC where Aida64 is running) - Requires Aida version 5.20.3414 or higher and Remote Panel (for Windows) version 1.14a Version 1.15 - Fullscreen mode (long press for settings) - RemotePanel (for windows) version 1.15: Verbose mode for better problem handling, fixes a rare ADB hang when multiple PCs are connected to one android device. Version 1.16 available - New option added: Keep screen on (long press for settings) Many thanks to the Aida64 team for the great support! Best regards odospace
  2. Please set the "Panel Postion" within the Aida 64 OdoSpace settings to 0. It defines the position within the Android App tabs.
  3. Hi Fiery, is it possible to set the computername for the HTML title? Best regards Odo
  4. Hi Gekido, the RemotePanel app uses the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) that may cause the problem. Try to install another ADB version. Best regards
  5. The setting "Panel Position" within Aida64 (look at the image 4 posts above) specifies the tab position within the Android app. So you can use one App to display Aida64 pages from different PCs. For example: PC1 with Android Device: IP-Address:, Panel Position: 0 PC2: IP-Address: "Address of PC1", Panel Position: 1
  6. Hi, if the mentioned USB driver does not work, try to install Samsung SideSync http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/app/sidesync.
  7. Hi Gekido, can you tell me which part crashes (Android or Windows Prog)? And what you understand about a "crash". Are you familiar with C++, C# and Android programming? Best regards
  8. Description to boot on USB power on for Nexus 7 (2012) added. See first chapter. Best regards Odo
  9. Hi, it crashes on one of my Windows 10 PCs also if returned from standby. However currently I have not enough spare time to search for the problem. But if you are familiar with C programming, i can send you the source code for problem determination. Best regards
  10. Version 1.16 available - New option added: Keep screen on (long press for settings)
  11. odospace

    JDownloader values

    I looked into the JDownloader forum, it seems the API is still maintained because it is the same as for the My.JDownloader API site. But there will never be an official DLL
  12. Hi, i will try but it will take 2-3 weeks until i have time to implement.
  13. Version 1.15 available - Fullscreen mode (long press for settings) - RemotePanel (for windows) version 1.15: Verbose mode for better problem handling, fixes a rare ADB hang when multiple PCs are connected to one android device.
  14. Here are my oslcd files for import into Aida64. Best regards odospace lcd.zip
  15. Hi, to use your own background picture add an image item to the lcd panel.
  16. odospace

    HDD read/write speed

    Hi, is it possible to display the current SSD/HDD read/write speed - as shown in the Windows 8.1 task manager? Best regards odospace
  17. odospace

    HDD read/write speed

    HI Fiery, are there any news about this? It would be great to display the read MB/s of my NAS (implemented through a PC) when watching a film. Best regards odospace
  18. Android devices are cheap and maybe you have an old mobile phone at home. Such a device can be used for display look at Odospace Remote Panel.
  19. odospace

    Monitoring on a second screen

    Hi Amarek, if you want to display only the Aida64 panel on the USB LCD. Take a look at the Odospace Remote Panel. It displays the Aida64 panel on an (old, cheap) Android device, connected via USB only. Without the need of WiFi. Best regards Odospace
  20. Hi Lee, take a look at Odospace Remote Panel. Best regards Odospace
  21. odospace

    Share your SensorPanel

    The picture shows an Android LG L9 running Odospace Remote Panel see http://forums.aida64.com/topic/2776-display-pc-sensor-values-on-android-device-connected-via-usb-odospace-remote-panel It is connected to the PC without Wifi and powered through USB. The L9 powers on and off automatically with the PC (see description in the link above).
  22. Hi Necrofridge, sorry but this is not planned in near future. Best regards Odospace