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  1. this code is from the everest/aida64 help topic "ext. Apps".
  2. thats the code of the plugin to read the values wich are puts in the shared memory by everest/aida64. no, I'm unable to disassemble the .dll, understand it, change it and reassemble. first the plugin must find the running aida and then locate the shared memory of it and then periodictly read the values.
  3. here are the sample code to get the values stored from Everest in the shared memory (file/options/ext. Apps/activate shared memory). The alphacool app reads ist from there.: Const sharedmem_name = 'EVEREST_SensorValues'; Function ExtApp_SharedMem_ReadBuffer(bu:PChar;bu_size:DWord):Boolean; Var mappedData : PChar; th : THandle; Begin Result:=False; th:=OpenFileMapping(FILE_MAP_READ,False,sharedmem_name); If th<>INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE Then Begin mappedData:=MapViewOfFile(th,FILE_MAP_READ,0,0,0); If mappedData<>Nil Then
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