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  1. ok it was worth a shot, again thank you.
  2. Just out of interest is it possible to display the GPU memory clock at it affective speed, as with the Nvida cards it the clock X2 ?
  3. It worked flawlessly. Much thanks Fiery.
  4. Brilliant i'll try that as soon as im home, thanks for the quick responce.
  5. Hi all I have joined as im having a problem with the LCD display, but love the features and customisation. Anyway to the point, I have a andriod tablet which isn't working properly by which i mean the wifi/bluetooth module is broken meaning i can't access internet on the device but it is fully fuctional in every other way, im woundering if it possible to display the LCD monitor via the usb, if anybody could help it would be brilliant as i'll now have a use again for this broken table(asus k013).
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